10 Things Must Know About Eyebrow Restoration

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In this modern era, most of the people prefer eyebrow restoration. This has proved to be the most fruitful process to enhance smartness and beauty. If you are interested in eyebrow restoration by hair transplant surgery, there are many things you should know before going under this sort of Hair Restoration method. Below are the facts that everyone should know about eyebrow transplant.

1. What usually causes eyebrow hair loss?

There is a wide array of aspects that can lead to eyebrow restoration. Some of the most basic reasons are plucking or any accidents like chemical or mental trauma to the face, medical states that cause hair loss.

2. Who suits as a candidate for the method?

Any person having thinned eyebrows is widely regarded as a perfect candidate for Eyebrow Enrichment.

3. It is a permanent remedy?

Yes, it is. Anyone who wants to have an eyebrow transplant method will have long term growth related to their original eyebrow hairs.

4. Where does the donor hair come from?

In the state of partial eyebrow hair thinning, the transplant method donor hairs can be removed from the other brow. Special donor grafts may be taken from the upper thigh area or behind the ears when it comes to women since hairs from these areas tend to form a more natural look since they have become thin. In men's case, grafts might be taken from diverse skin areas based on their real brows density.

5. How many grafts used in the method?

A usual eyebrow hair transplant method needs around 50 to 100 hair grafts. But in some facts, the number may be large. It usually relies on the state of the patient.

6. Where is the method conducted?

Another great thing about eyebrow restoration methods is that it is an outpatient method. This means you won't require to be under constant medical care after the surgery is done.

7. How long does it take?

In most cases, a doctor's amount of time to perform an eyebrow hair restoration method is around 5 to 6 hours, relying on the patient's state.

8. What is the recovery time?

Since this sort of method requires the use of fine surgical tools and minimally invasive ways. A patient may continue their daily skincare habit within just 48 hours, given that they do not involve in any difficult events or contact sports.

9. What are the viable risks and side effects?

There is less risk linked with eyebrow hair restoration. One of the rare side effects includes inserted hair grows in the wrong direction. Be sure to pick a famous Hair Transplant Doctor to ignore such side effects.

10. When will you see the result?

The transplanted hair will become noticeable 3 to 6 months after the surgery. You should expect some hair to fall around 3 to 5 weeks next the method. But you should not worry since it is a natural method, and your hair will start to grow back just after two months.


Therefore, these days eyebrow restoration is in trend. Most of the celebrities have undergone this procedure. These were the facts that you should know about eyebrow transplant. I hope the post gave you the right direction. For more facts like this, explore our website.  


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