4 of the Best Money Making Apps of 2021

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For those seeing to make money in a simple, convenient way, apps give plenty of roads to hold. You can use your smartphone to take polls, choose up a side project, sell your undesired stuff, and more.

Here is the scoop on four free money-making apps. We have rated apps with at least four stars and 25,000 surveys in Google Play and the iOS App Store.

The most reliable money-making apps
How it works: 

Ibotta lets you get cashback on in-store and online buying at over 1,500 labels and retail chains. Originally for markets, it has grown to hold clothing, fun, pet stores, and other kinds. Offers can be goods or retailer particular — and some will itself be applied. For others, you will require to do an additional task, such as seeing a video or using a poll.


PayPal, gift card, or straight to a bank statement.


You will get cashback on in-store buying promptly — typically within 24 hours. Ibotta also gives up to a $20 welcome bonus, referral bonuses, and different payment modes.

How it works:

 Rakuten, earlier known as Ebates money making apps, pays buyers with up to 40% cashback on buying from well-known retailers, restaurants, and food delivery services. Users can also get cashback on journeys, gift cards, and more. It is straightforward:

  • Build an account.
  • Tap on the deal you need in the app.
  • Make the payment by the portal.

You can also attach a credit or debit card to your Rakuten account to get cashback in-store — as long as you begin the deal by the app first. Rakuten credits the cashback to your account after it approves the buying with the retailer, which it says can take a few hours to many days.


 PayPal or check.


Thousands of stores and buying are likely for cashback, so you will likely find deals where you then shop. You can also get sign-up and referral rewards.

How it works: 

Swagbucks is a cashback and bonuses app. You get points, called SB, by shopping, taking polls, seeing videos, playing games, or achieving other jobs by Swagbucks. You can redeem those features for gift cards or get cashback to your PayPal account. The total points awarded can vary by job. For instance, surveys are typically deserving about 40 to 200 SB points per. The minimum balance needed to redeem relies on the payout choice you prefer, but some gift cards are available for as low as 140 SB.

Payment: Gift card or PayPal.

How it works: 

Fiverr is a freelancing marketplace that highlights jobs in over 200 levels, such as programming, video, and animation. You build a profile as a seller, highlighting your specialist. Then, post the gig you are giving, including cost and a summary of your services. Clients, known as clients, can click by and place orders. You will get paid once you finish the job. Fiverr allows seller levels based on execution. As you go up each layer, you will be ready to sell more extras, such as a quicker delivery time.


Therefore, these are the best-rated money-making apps that are most reliable and trustworthy. Start exploring these fantastic apps and start earning money. in these apps, you will not only earn money, but also you will get amazing offers and bonuses and shopping stores to make purchases. 

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