6 Best Automated Webinar Software To Try In 2022

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Webinars are now a valuable marketing tool, especially for expanding your mailing list and gaining credibility. At least 83% of marketers think webinars are either their most effective tactic or quite successful. However, setting up and running webinars also takes a lot of time. Usually, it takes several individuals to work on the technology, conversations, email invitations, and confirmations, as well as the presentation itself. When you want to host a course on the platform or have many webinars, some of which are on the same subject, everything gets much more difficult. Fortunately, software exists to assist in automating a variety of procedures during the webinar.

Top automated webinar software

BigMarker can be a thing for individuals looking for a feature-rich platform for automated webinars. You may produce automatic, live, evergreen, and on-demand webinars using it. Despite its extensive capability, it is rather simple to set up and use, which is crucial for novices. The following are the main advantages of using this automated webinar tool:

  • A variety of landing page templates; the capacity to edit and alter a landing page for a webinar;

  • The choice to set up an automatic operation of every webinar engagement;

  • Automatic offers can be displayed in full-screen or slide-out modes;

  • A complete overview of the conversion process and traffic sources; the option to create a webinar report for more in-depth data analysis.


Another option that mixes live and automated webinars is EasyWebinar. Additionally, marketing tools are supported. With the help of this application, you can also quickly turn live webinars into automated ones. In terms of automation, the feature set is generally more constrained when compared to alternative options. These advantages are available to you when using this automated webinar software:

  • Automated surveys and offers

  • On-demand webinar

  • Embed registration boxes on any of your pages;

  • Built-in email notifications;

  • Analytics, including registrations, session times, offer clicks, etc.


Attendees can quickly see a webinar at any time with Demio's on-demand and live webinar options. Demio's ability to provide both live webinars and automated on-demand webinars is a plus. This is significant since I previously needed to use two separate webinar technologies to accomplish that; now, I can do it all in Demio.

Demio is an easy-to-use, straightforward utility. Even better, you don't need to download any software because it is browser-based. You can arrange automated webinars using the automation feature for particular days and hours. Daily, weekly, or monthly recurring choices are also available. This interactive webinar platform offer: 

  • All browsers and devices are supported, and the platform is entirely browser-based.

  • Live, automated, and On-demand webinars

  • It's easy. Very quick and simple to set up.

  • It may be customized by adding your logo to make it match your brand.

  • Give your audience a stunning experience that works well and is neat, clear, and trustworthy.

  • To ensure that everyone is reminded to attend the event, automated emails are sent out.

  • After the event, send the webinar recording to everyone who registered.


One of the best webinar platforms for business webinars, video conferences, and live-streaming events is Dreamcast. It provides a standalone landing page with numerous customization choices, which opens up a wide range of design possibilities for the background color, the logo, and any additional material. Dreamcast includes a wide range of interactive tools and features that can help you to make your webinar more interactive and engaging. It provides the following attributes:

  • Automated polls, chats, and offers

  • Interactive webinar analytics dashboard

  • Customizable branding 

  • Screen sharing 

  • Email notifications and broadcasts;

  • Hybrid and series webinars

  • On-demand live-streaming services


One of the most widely used automated webinar systems, ClickMeeting features drag-and-drop builders and a quick, simple setup. Additionally, the interactive timeline builder enables the second-by-second planning of your webinar, resulting in an engaging user experience for your audience and a smooth webinar flow for the hosts. You have access to a lot of capabilities with ClickMeeting for webinars that seem professional, including 

  • Customized registration fields (short/long text replies, drop-down lists, multiple-choice questions, etc.);

  • Builder of an automated interaction timeline;

  • Hybrid webinar with chat functionality for participants;

  • Statistics about webinar attendance are useful.


The useful app WebinarNinja has a slick user interface and a relatively easy learning curve. This automated webinar platform's free weekly onboarding webinars are one of its strongest features, helping new users maximize their potential and making it a great choice for coaches, teachers, trainers, and creators. Landing pages, email reminders, and other tools are among the many built-in features of WebinarNinja. These are a few typical features of this webinar platform:

  • Screen sharing enables hosts to show running programs or project a guest onto the screen.

  • Create personalized offers, polls, and Q&A sessions. This includes establishing timers for specific chat messages to appear.

  • Deliver time-limited promotions to boost sales.

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