6 Best Places to Hire Developers

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On the hunt for a great software developer? Many recruiters turn to their networks and employee referrals in today’s competitive market. Others get creative in how they reach out to potential new hires. But, your best efforts don’t lend any new leads, there are some developer-specific job boards that can help you find a talented freelancer or contract hire. Check out these seven best places to hire a software developer or programmer. 



JetCake’s approach to vetting tech talent and placing them at Silicon Valley’s best companies is a little different than simply hiring straight from a job site. JetCake matches freelance software developers with the right company after they’ve gone through screening interviews. Candidates go through rigorous coaching and technical training on a series of real-world projects that require effective communication and skills. Through this process, JetCake can verify that their candidates have experience in accurate estimation, agile methodologies, product concepts, and more. Only then does the company connect a software developer with a company. Recruiters looking to hire candidates with a high degree of pre-vetting should seek out the assistance of an agency like JetCake, rather than scrolling through candidate listings on one of these other sites.


Like JetCake, Toptal does a fair amount of vetting before listing freelance developers as available for work. The company claims that only 3% of applicants make it through their technical tests and comprehensive vetting process. “Toptal’s screening process includes a language & personality test, timed algorithm testing, technical screenings with other Toptal engineers, a test project and an ongoing commitment for these freelance developers to maintain a perfect track record while working with clients,” describes one expert. Their screening is rigorous – and their prices are high. Expect to pay top dollar for Toptal talent. Originally established purely to network tech talent with open positions, Toptal has since expanded to work with designers, product managers, project managers, and finance experts. 


Stack Overflow is one of the largest communities of developers online – 50 million unique users visit every month. It’s not purely a jobs site, but it is a great place to zero in on developer talent. The jobs board has thousands of listings, so it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to stand out from the crowd. But, scanning the profiles of developers listed on the site can grow your pipeline and increase your insourcing as you begin to build relationships with active developers. Stack Overflow also offers a Talent service, a native tool to their platform that lets you build your brand, source talent, and optimize your hiring methods. 


GitHub rivals Stack Overflow in the number of developers who are active on the platform. It’s similar in that it has a jobs board where you’ll vie with other companies for attention, but there are other ways to reach GitHub’s community of 40 million developers. Head to a developer’s GitHub profile to see what they’ve been working on, how passionate they are about software development, and what their experience is. GitHub can show you how active a candidate is in discussion forums and coding challenges, providing insight into their ability outside a resume or LinkedIn listing. You may need to wade through a large volume of applicants and profiles, but GitHub’s community will inevitably surface the talent you’re seeking. 


Like Toptal, Index Code also boasts that they only accept 1% of applicants. Index Code is a sourcing agency that accesses developer talent from all over the world: their teams are fully remote. If your company is comfortable with a remote developer, then it’s a good way to get elite talent, quickly. Index Code learns more about your project and then sends you three to four developer profiles they believe will fit your needs. You choose who to interview and get a risk-free trial period to make sure the person is the best fit. Index Code works with companies in a variety of industries and with developers from all over the world. If you can get buy-in for a virtual software development role, it might be a good way to get an edge on recruiting competition.


Unlike massive freelancer exchanges like Upwork, Guru is a little more targeted, making it more likely that you’ll find high-caliber talent. The platform is smaller than Upwork and People Per Hour, and includes a native billing system to make it easy to get projects completed and paid. The downside to a site like Guru is that it’s not exclusively for developers; you will need to set parameters of your search and scroll through profiles before finding the best fit. Vetting and interviewing is still the job of the recruiter. It can be time-consuming and resource-intensive to use this site, but there are more than 1 million active profiles – giving your team great odds. 
This article was originally published at JetCake.

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Published: 2019/12/27 - Updated: 2020/01/23
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