Anniversary Jewelry Ideas and Tips

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You need custom made jewelry for every anniversary. But did you have an idea of how you will select the material for the jewelry? Some jewelers do not take the time to advise customers on jewelry materials. All they wish is to squeeze money out of you. It is essential to know which jewelry materials will suit your upcoming event. The tips below will help you select custom made jewelry for your anniversary.

Gold Jewelry

The first anniversary is the sweetest. You look forward to it since the memories are still fresh in your mind. That is why gold is the material for the occasion. It shows that you hold the moments close to your heart. 

Garnet Jewelry

This is a choice material for second-anniversary jewelry. The precious stone can make earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. You can also design hair accessories and brooches.


Are you celebrating a third wedding anniversary? Wear some pearl jewelry to depict a beautiful and tender union. 

Blue Topaz

When you are happy for your fourth anniversary, you need to don a unique and rare jewel. That is why blue topaz is the perfect choice for the occasion. You can get some blue topaz custom made jewelry set at a local jewelry designer. It is a nice set to add to your jewelry collection.


Turn heads on your fifth anniversary. Get a sapphire custom jewelry set. If your close friend or family is having their anniversary, this set is an excellent gift idea.

Diamond Jewelry

Diamonds are strong and stiff. It is a measure of strength and resilience. When you wear diamonds on your 10th anniversary, you pass a message that you are still strong together. It means your bond is hard to break. 


As people grow old in marriage, their love and bond get more muscular. Rubies show love and passion. Thus, it is practical to wear ruby jewelry on your 15th anniversary.

Emerald Custom Made Jewelry

Every marriage has its ups and downs. Many end in divorce before they get to their 20th anniversary. If your bond and unity are strong at this point, you need to grace your event with emerald Jewelry. The stone is precious and delicate. It shows the nature of marriages at that age.


After 25 years, we call it a silver jubilee. Now you get where the name came from. It is after 25 years of love and passion. Both of you can wear silver jewelry to celebrate your love. But, you can wear other gems on this anniversary. 

Golden Jubilee

When you hit your 50 years in marriage, you have gone through all marriage dramas. And just like gold, your resilience has gone through the fire. Thus you can wear custom made gold jewelry with pride.


Each anniversary is unique. That is why there are many precious metals and stones for each occasion. You can contact your local jewelers and get a custom made jewelry set for your anniversary.

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