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Approved Access - FAQ

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Can I have multiple Approved Access groups?
  • No. One pen name can only have one Approved Access group.
  • Use multiple pen names to create additional Approved Access groups
Can multiple Approved Access groups collaborate?
  • Yes. In this application, you and your collaborators create dedicated pen names and create groups that only include the pen names in your group. Use this model for short-term or project-based collaboration.

Writer-1 creates an Approved Access group that includes Writer-2 and Writer-3. Both Writer-2 and Writer-3 create their own Approved Access groups with the other two members. Everyone can see and link to work by the others.

Can Approved Access group members see who other members are?
  • No. They can only see members who participate. There is no master list.

Are Approved Access groups secret?
  • No. They are discoverable. Anyone can see the summary for a Approved Access article and request permission to join.

Can I remove someone from my Approved Access group?
  • Yes. They remain regular followers (unless you block that separately)

Can I add someone to my Approved Access group?
  • Yes. You can promote any regular follower to Approved Access 

Can a user join my Approved Access group under multiple pen names?
  • No. Regular WriterShelf engagement policies apply.

Are Approved Access notifications different from other WriterShelf notifications?
  • No. Approved Access uses the same system. Only Approved Access group members receive notifications.

How are Approved Access groups different from closed groups in Facebook or LinkedIn?
  • Only you can post articles (start discussion threads) for your Approved Access group. 

How long does it take for my access request to be delivered / approved?
  • Your request appears immediately as a WriterShelf notification. Notification emails go out within 2-4 hours. Approval time depends on how quickly the author acts on the request.

Can I contact members of my Approved Access group by email?
  • No. The email address of all WriterShelf members are private.

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Published: 2019/07/22 - Updated: 2019/12/18
Total: 559 words

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WriterShelf is a privacy-oriented writing platform. Unleash the power of your voice. It's free!
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