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What is Approved Access?

Approved Access lets you create a closed group for articles that you publish. It's friends with benefits for the followers you choose.

Approved Access is the perfect way to share drafts for proofreading and feedback from beta readers.

With Follow-to-Read, any WriterShelf member who followers your pen name can read articles you publish. Under Approved Access, you control who is able to read and comment on your articles.

Choose Approved Access when you publish articles.

This allows you to create a closed group for your pen name where only members of the group can view content and participate in discussions. Members of the group get special notifications when you publish new Approved Access content.

When a new reader clicks on an Approved Access article, they see a summary and a screen where they can request access.

Readers pick a pen name to join your Approved Access group.

Why Closed Groups?

Closed groups are useful. Some people are reluctant to participate in discussions in open groups where anyone can see what they have to say. Closed groups give people confidence that what they say in the group will stay in the group.

As the owner of the group, you always have the choice to remove any member. You also have the option to promote any follower to Approved Access.

Closed groups also reduce the opportunities for spam. When all the members of a group have gone through approval, there are fewer chances for participants to move discussions off topic or introduce unwanted messages. The signal-to-noise ratio is better in closed groups.

A Reward for Your Most Active Followers

Approved Access lets you create a special tier of exclusive content for your most active followers as an incentive for followers to participate more.

Readers gain access to Approved Access content by request or you can grant access to any follower at your discretion.

You choose the measure - comments, likes or shares - when a follower reaches the threshold, you can grant access to your exclusive content.

A Powerful Content Model

Creating three tiers of content gives you the ability to cultivate your audience step-by-step. Turn casual readers into fans with Follow-to-Read and fans into engaged readers with Approved Access.

Approved Access gives you a unique opportunity to build a ongoing relationship with your most dedicated readers.

You have the flexibility to change how readers access your content at any time. That means you can publish content content as Approved Access and then change articles to Follow-to-Read - or public - at a later date.

Read the Approved Access FAQ for more answers to common questions about Approved Access.

And join the WriterShelf Support Approved Access Workshop to talk about ideas for writers, hobbyists, educators and service providers.

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