Bit 11 (Stanton, CA): A grave in the desert....

Algerine Onyx
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Algerine Onyx is an interstellar alien that has chosen to be a"storyteller-to-humans." Achron Generosity is its second book, after "Achron Kindness" (availab...
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As he speeds through the darkness of the southern California desert—with Abigale Godwin bound and gagged behind his truck seat —Eldon Chandler starts paying attention to the flowing Interstate mile-markers. He’s looking for a certain one that is far to the east and somewhat north of San Diego, a place where there is a break in the highway fencing. The break in the fence cannot be seen, even if one is looking for it. But it is there, and can be reached by pulling off the Interstate highway at a certain mile marker, then driving behind some bushy plants that happen to hide the fence from sight at that point. Chandler spies the mile marker and pulls off the highway, dousing his lights to drive back through the grassy verge in the moonlight. He pulls the truck behind the screening vegetation and stops at a certain spot next to the fence. Wielding a tiny flashlight, he unhooks the fencing from a specific post, pulling it aside enough to drive the truck through. On the other side he stops and gets out to re-close the fence, then engages the truck’s 4-wheel-drive to head slowly away from the highway, guided only by moonlight over rough, unmarked terrain. He has been here before, and thus knows where he is going and how far he must drive. In time the truck crests a sandy abutment and half-slides down the other side. There is no sound to be heard at the bottom of the declivity where he stops the truck and turns on the parking lights. No one can see the lights because the truck is at the bottom of a sandy abyss in a deserted desert ravine.

Eldon Chandler recently located this spot with the help of a geolocation application on a burner cell phone. He’s visited it before…in order to dig a grave. It was easy in the sandy ground, and the pit is covered now by a lightweight sheet of brown fiberglass sheathing that matches the color of the desiccated daytime ground. The grave is perhaps six feet long, three and a half feet wide, and a few feet deep. He turns the truck’s parking lights off and uses the flashlight to walk to the plastic panel and pull it aside, revealing the hole. Now he moves the truck so that the dim lights reveal another spot in the sandy soil previously prepared. He steps out and opens the truck’s small passenger compartment door, reaches in and draggs out Abigale Godwin. He drops her bound body roughly to the ground. She is fully conscious, and guttural noises of fear issue from her as she struggles to scream through the duct tape wrapped tightly around her head and mouth. Her knees are still bent with ankles secured to her wrists pulled tightly behind her back.

From where she is on the ground, Abigale Godwin can see the pit that Chandler has uncovered.

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Algerine Onyx is the nom de plume of an alien "transitioned intelligence" that decided to become a "storyteller-for-humans." Originally of the species "Achron," Onyx is one of several hundred such entities currently loose on earth. To find out more about the author and its original species, the Achrons, read its first book "Achron Kindness" (available on Amazon).

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