Building Relationships the Old-fashioned Way

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The Voice of WriterShelf
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When you’re comfortable with how others see you, it’s easier to share. Likewise, when you have confidence that the people you interact with you are real, it’s easier to create genuine relationships.

Natural Privacy

Remember the last time you ran into someone new, maybe with friends or just sitting on a bus? What did you talk about?

Chances are your topics of conversation related to the circumstances of your meeting. Obvious, right? Just like there were some things you would never think of bringing up.

When we encounter a new person, we decide how to present ourselves. We choose the personal details to reveal and those to hold back, for example where we live, what we do for living or what our personal interests are. Other topics may come up in conversation but we only share that info once comfortable in broadening the relationship with the new acquaintance.

WriterShelf works in the same way. WriterShelf lets you create pen names for the different ways you present yourself to the world. Each pen name is independent. The things you talk about using one pen name are not linked to any of your other pen names.

Multiple pen names are just like the different personas we naturally use in the various parts of our lives. Work colleagues may not know, or fully understand, your passion for classical music. And the classical music crowd may not be aware how you voted in the last election.

Authentic Engagement

Once you’ve met someone, you expect them to be the same person way the next time you see them. We go through an automatic process to recall the circumstances of previous encounters and proceed accordingly. That helps set the parameters for building relationships based on mutual understanding and respect.

With WriterShelf’s One Pen Name Per Conversation policy, the first time you interact, you can choose any pen name to use. For subsequent interactions, WriterShelf automatically uses the pen name you’ve chosen so you can continue the conversation. And build trust and authenticity.

WriterShelf engagements can be binding that link pen names or non-binding that do not establish an ongoing link.

Binding Engagements

  • Comments
  • Likes / Dislikes
  • Following

Non-binding Engagements

  • Flag
  • Bookmark
  • Block comment
Easy, Transparent and Informed

It can sometimes be tough to figure out how you want to engage in WriterShelf. You can use one of your existing pen names or create a new one for the circumstances.

It’s important to be able to trust the person you’re talking too. Transparent relations between pen names helps build authentic conversations.

Just like the context in which you meet someone new helps give you clues about the way you want to present yourself, WriterShelf gives you background on the pen name you are engaging with to help you decide.

When you follow a pen name, you’ll see a summary of articles and comments that pen name has published. That makes it easier to pick the best pen name for you to use.

You can also visit the Author Page for any pen name for a complete view of that pen name’s activity on WriterShelf including articles published, comments, as well as likes and follows that pen name has given and received. Sunshine is the best disinfectant and WriterShelf offers transparency to keep conversations authentic and meaningful.

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Published: 2018/01/18 - Updated: 2020/05/28
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