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There is no doubt that a diamond is the most prevalent metal in terms of jewelry. Earlier it was the gold that was dominating but now, it is the diamond that lures the people. Diamonds are loved for their shiny appearance and brilliance. It is best to celebrate any occasion. When gifted, it can steal the heart of the person. But at the same time, selecting a diamond is not an easy job. There are numerous varieties and shapes of diamonds these days that one finds it difficult to choose from them. Consequently, one needs to know the factors that play an essential role in diamonds' quality and enhance their beauty. 

How to know the quality of the diamond?

We use the 4C's formula to know about the quality of diamonds. The 4cs determine the price and quality of a diamond. Whether it is a ring or earrings, it is essential to identify the quality of diamonds. The factors that decide the quality of diamonds are cut, color, clarity, and diamond weight. One should be aware of the features of diamonds before buying them. 

Important factors influencing the quality of diamonds


The first important factor in determining the quality of the diamond is clarity. Clarity usually refers to the blemishes and inclusions on the diamond. There is a lot of pressure when diamonds are created, and consequently, it is bound to have some flaws. Blemishes and inclusions are the two kinds of defects that the diamonds have. When a diamond is being cut, specific imperfections can occur. A little bit of scratches can be seen by the client. Scratches affects the brilliance of the diamond. 

Secondly, there is the color of the diamond. Lack of color in a diamond is called diamond color. The quality of a diamond is deemed to be higher when there is less color in it. The value of a white diamond is high as compared to other diamonds. Before buying a diamond, you should check the diamond's color, whether colorless or colored. Usually, yellow and brown colored diamonds are ranked inferior. The color of a diamond depends upon its composition, and it does not change quickly. 

The third factor is the carat. Carat refers to the weight of diamonds. How much the diamond weighs is determined by carat. 

Lastly, we have the cut of the diamond. The shiny texture of the diamond is the result of diamond cut only. The sign of a well-cut diamond is the light. Well cut diamond allows the light to pass through it quickly. There are different varieties of diamond cuts, but the most famous is the round cut diamond. As compared to other diamonds, round cut diamonds are more expensive. Besides this, there are fancy cut diamonds also like emerald, marquise, and rose cut. 

The most critical factor among 4C's

The 4C's are the cut, which is the most critical factor because it directly impacts the beauty and brilliance. The adequately cut diamond can effectively hide all the blemishes and allow it to shine brightly. 


There is also the provision to calculate the quality and price of diamonds with a diamond cut calculator. For the best prices and quality, you can visit Alex and company for the same. 

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