Complete Guide of the Flow Switch, and How Does it Work?

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A flow switch functions by taking a trip motion of other devices operated in the same system. The signal of the trip indicates to turn the pump on or off. Here we have a guide on how to flow switch work.

How does flow switch work?

Flow switches are used to perform a different function based on the set requirement. To understand better, let us see the core component that creates those typical switches or sensors. Therefore, a sensor is used in oil, water, fluid without solid particles. It has the sensitivity used in the adjustment of the flow point for the sensor to activate.

Meaning of the flow

It refers to the velocity of gas, liquid, and steam within the pipe of the flow switch trigger. In case of availability of the flow, velocity will drop or stop at any time. In case it happens, the switch will revert to the original positions.

What are the uses of Flow Switch?

The liquid flow switch is applied to the chlorination of the swimming pool. It can be either water heating, liquid transfer system, air-condition, or fire sprinkler.

Therefore, water flow switches are functions in the water sprinkler. The flow of the water can use an electrical fire alarm to turn on or off.

When you consider using airflow, you can apply in many of the applications as mentioned below:

· Air supply system

· Water transmitted system

· Additional of the system

· Functions of the flow switch

The flow switch helps to stop the motor when there is no flow of triggering in the same motor as it runs. It happens when the flow starts. It comes with an alarm to notify you when flow arrests. When the flow reaches the required level, it turns off the alarm.

Here you need to understand how it functions based on the requirement given.

Because switch flow plays important roles in some industries, it has some of the consideration you need to know here:

The measuring of flow rate accuracy is important

This will rely on calculating the rate of the velocity upon the pressure of different forces. It may go through the liquid of your pipe. This process is good for the flow rate of the liquid. Calculating the flow rate, you need to know the settings of the flow switches. Here are some of the type of flow switches and their functions:

Variable area flow switch

This tool comes with an internal piston used to activate your switch. When in use flow enters the port, it then adds a magnetic poppet. The pressure will automatically hit the level of preset, and it turns off.

Vane operates a flow switch

When you hear about vane, remember it depends on the fluids pushing towards the internal paddle. Whenever the flow drops, it will trigger the internal magnetic of the couple switching. This is important for the switch.


When you select the correct type, size, and voltage of the flow switch, it performs some roles. I hope the above guide helps you to understand the flow switch. This post has included important guides you need to consider.

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Published: 2020/12/10 - Updated: 2020/12/10
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