Complete Guide on 8000XHT liquid flow meter

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Do you handle fluids that require great heating and monitoring their rate of flow? A high-temperature flow rate meter will offer you the right solution. It helps you monitor the flow rate of thermal transfer fluids and the barrel heating fluids.

 Get 8000XHT liquid flow meter. It will help you to measure the rate of fluid flow with low and high temperatures. This high-temperature flow meter will offer you accurate data. Its results of the heat transfer liquids are reliable and cost-effective. 

Guide on 8000XHT high-temperature flow meter works

The 8000XHT high-temperature flow meter has a unique process by which it works. It functions based on attached magnets that alternate. The 8000XHT has north and south magnets. They spin as water flows via the sensor cavity. That will then create a spin in the rotor.

As a result of the spinning rotor, pulses are sent through two flux hubs and then to the switch. The switch is two hall-effect sensors fixed on the primary electronics board. 8000XHT has an embedded microcomputer that helps to check the rotational frequency of the rotor. It then scales the factors to vivid memory that calculate the volume of the fluid flow rate.  

The flow rate data of the fluid you monitor using this flow meter is gauged in terms of output that range from 0-10. It can be 0-5 VDC or 4-20 MA.

The 8000XHT high-temperature flow meter has a relay trip point that you can adjust with ease. Its trip point is set to change the state if the output flow goes below the preset alert value. The flow meter consists of a tricolor LED. It will give you a visual indication of your fluid flow rate status. 

Every piece of this high temperature flow meter comes with an alert trip point preset by the supplier. That is meant to ensure you get accurate results. It also helps to prevent needless tampering, which may affect how the flow meter works. The maker of this flow meter sets an upper flow limit of 15%. But you may request a customized trip point setting when ordering for this device.

How to install 8000XHT flow meter

The inner diameter of pipes that come in and devices linked to its inlet impacts the flow response of 8000XHT. Upstream devices may have an impact on how it works. That's why you need to have a run of straight pipe. The pipe should have a length of not less than ten times the inner pipe diameter. Ensure the pipe is fixed between the flow meter and the upstream devices.

Make sure you find the connection size and the inner diameter of your high temperature flow meter. You will then be required to make connections to non-adjustable or adjustable SAE setup as directed. You must lubricate the flow meter threads and O-rings using system fluid before installing to prevent galling.

When you are done with connections, turn on the liquid flow but ensure to be slow. That will help you to identify leaks and tighten the connection to remove all leaks. Don't forget to remove air in the flow cavity of your 8000XHT flow meter.


8000XHT high temperature flow meter can offer you accurate results of the flow rate of the monitored fluids. It works in a unique way. Once you have installed, ensure to check on a regular basis. The installation process is not hard, but it's essential to have an expert.

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Published: 2020/12/16 - Updated: 2021/01/18
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