Difference between a screw and a bolt

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Are you gearing up for your next and essential project? It may be building an entertainment center, shelves for your shop, or a large construction project. It would help if you did a bit of planning. Some of the materials you will require are industrial fasteners.

While working on your project, you won't avoid fastening material. You may be using bricks, wood, or metal, and industrial fasteners will be vital. The most common fasteners to use are bolts and screws.  Many types of bolts and nuts exist. That's why it will be essential to get the difference between bolt and screw to help get the best that suits your application.

While a difference between bolt and screw exist, not many notices that. It will be crucial to know the difference between the two to be easy to buy the right ones. But before highlighting the difference between bolt and screw, get to what they are. Besides, learn how the two have used.

What a screw? 

A screw refers to a metal fitted with a threaded surface and has a point on one end. Besides, it has a slotted head that has twisted to enter and fasten two things. Screws are very crucial industrial fasteners you will encounter in everyday life.

Screws have a tapered shaft with very sharp threats. Anytime you want to join your materials, you screw it, and the sharp thread will cut the mating thread into the material.

A bolt. 

It is a form of thread industrial fastener with external male thread. It requires a matching performed female thread like a nut if you want to fasten material. There is a difference between bolt and screw though the two have a close connection.

Difference between bolt and screw
  1. Bolts are part of industrial fasteners that come in both small and large sizes. On the other side, screws only come in small sizes. You can go for a small or medium size.
  2. If you compare bolts with a screw, bolts are more reliable.
  3.  Bolts give great strength to two joined parts compared to screws. This an essential difference between bolt and screw you need to know before your final buying decision. 
  4. While screws have fitted with a tapered shank or pointed, bolts do not have such a shank.
  5. The thread structure of a bolt appears spiral while the tread structure of a screw looks helical.
  6. Strews have got a non-uniform cross-section compared to bolts whose cross-section appears to be uniform.
  7. You can remove bolts with easy compared to screws that seem hard.
  8. A bolt isn't self-tapping. So, you will need a nut to help stay secure. But screw threads from screw mate the material you turn it into will hold your screw in place.

You will find a difference between bolt and screw. Before making your final purchase decision, the above are differences you should be aware of. Knowing the difference between bolt and screw will help determine which best to go for based on application.

At the Kalotiindia group, we have all kinds of industrial fasteners you may be looking for. You may browse our products online or call us directly. Rest assured our products will offer you services you won't get from industrial fasteners from other companies. 

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Published: 2020/11/09 - Updated: 2020/11/12
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