Facial Hair Transplant- What Five Things you Need to Know

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When you hear the term hair transplant, the first thing that strikes your mind is the surgical hair restoration process on your head. As the scalp restoration process is well known in societies, facial hair transplant is also becoming popular.
A growing number of men and women adopt facial hair transplants and beards restoration as it is becoming a worldwide craze. A men feel that it is a mark of manliness and not a clean-shaven look as it takes some time to get a beard. However, before you start with the facial hair transplant, you must consider some facts: 

1. Same as Hair Transplant

A beard transplant€ is the somewhat same method as a scalp hair transplant. Method includes plucking donor hair on the back or sides of Hair. Your doctor picks the Hair which nearly matches your facial hair. After that, carefully transplants it to the receiver site.
The only difference is that smaller cuts are used during a facial hair transplant than a scalp transplant. Your surgeon may pluck donor hair from body hair, usually chest hair, in those cases with a balding head.

2. Takes time

This transplant method takes about 2-5 hours to complete. It relies on the area covered and the beard density you see for.

3. Hair growth is like facial Hair

 You do not have to worry about the new transplanted facial Hair will grow the same as the Hair on your head. The facial hair will grow with the same feel and features as your doctor will assure the plucked Hair almost suits your facial Hair.

4. Practically no pain

The same way as a scalp hair transplant, the method is almost painless. It is usually done by using the FUE hair transplant method. Where the surgeon cherry plucks the needed follicles for the procedure. There is thus no need to make big donor site cuts like in the traditional FUT method.

5. Permanent solution

A vital trait and privilege of any facial hair transplant is that it gives lasting effects. You thus no need to worry about losing your new facial Hair after your surgery.


A facial hair transplant rarely results in dilemmas. It would be smart to hold full knowledge of how the method works. Surprisingly, the best thing is the effects are durable and give natural looks.
Beard transplants have an extensive craze. Professional beard and facial hair transplant amenities swarm. The technology helps you with the precise outcomes you aspire to have. Even better, you can also pick your wishing beard style. 

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