Fine Writing International Brass Pencil

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FWI released their pencil to celebrate their fifth anniversary.

Back when I visited Fine Writing International to get my Golden Armour 6th generation brass fountain pen, I also came away with one of their mechanical pencils.

I didn't actually get the pencil for myself, but rather for a someone who uses pencils quite a bit.

My only ask was that after using the pencil for a spell, I wanted some impressions that I could share. 10 bullet points.

So the pencil has now been in appreciative hands for a couple of months now and here's the verdict:

  • Shorter than normal
  • Quite heavy
  • Writes pretty smoothly
  • Have to switch out of position to turn knob for more lead
  • I like the flat bumps on the side
  • Tarnishes with use
  • I like the simplistic look
  • Replaceable mechanism inside. Can swap with other lead sizes
  • Rather thick compared to regular mechanical pencils
  • Interesting knob to turn instead of button to press for lead


With a total of 5 parts, there's not too much story to tell. No cap. No eraser. The barrel is eight sided with comfortably rounded edges.

The pencil mechanism the DSM 2005 Feinminen-System from Schmidt. Fill the pencil mechanism by removing the plug from the back and inserting a lead.

  • Length: 135mm
  • Diameter: 10mm
  • Weight: 33.16 grams
Not super heavy

You advance the lead by turning the knob on the end of the pencil. The action is spring loaded so the knob returns when you release it.

As the pen is brass, it does tarnish with use. After a couple of months, the pen already developed a handsome patina.

The Fine Writing International brass pencil is shorter, bigger in diameter and quite a bit lighter than the Modern Fuel brass pencil I previously reviewed. The Modern Fuel pencil tips the scales at 53.5 grams. It was also only available with 0.5 lead sizes and uses a proprietary lead system.

Fine Writing International above, Modern Fuel below

But one of the great things about brass is that it polishes up very easily. A little attention with some metal polish and the pen is shiny again.

If you search for brass mechanical pencils you'll find this model from Colte which looks very much like the FWI pencil. The Colte pencil uses the same Schmidt pencil system.

FWI produces OEM pens for other brands (for example Wancher in Japan). I expect that this is such a project. Of course, it could be that FWI sources their pencil from Colte.

Jet Pens


I wasn't planning on getting a pencil when I visited FWI but am glad I did. It's turned out to be an excellent find. It looks great and works very well. Highly recommended.





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