Frequently asked questions about leaf blowers and leaf vacuum mulchers

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What can a leaf blower be used for?

As the name implies, this type of machine is mainly used to remove leaves, but its application is wider. It can be helpful in clearing grass clippings, sawdust, accumulated dust, or fine snow during the winter.

Where can I buy a good blower?

Avoid "super cheap" offers in supermarkets. These are usually not very high-quality products, often problematic in handling and use later. You can get the best advice and proven service at garden centers or specialist retailers who are professionals in this field.

A blower or leaf vacuum mulcher?

When buying garden cleaning equipment, a blower, or a leaf vacuum mulcher, you should consider the size of the area you intend to cover. As standard, blowers are used in large areas, where the operator blows leaves from hard-to-reach places and collects them by shifting the leaves over one large area with gusts of air. A leaf vacuum mulcher works in the opposite way, much like classic household vacuum mulchers - it sucks leaves and small debris into the bin, which must be emptied regularly during work.

Which drive to choose?

There are three main drive categories for these machines on the market:  electric, battery, and combustion. The decisive factor is the size of the garden and the number of fallen leaves. You can clean the smaller garden with an electric or cordless blower or a leaf vacuum mulcher. Gas tools are great for larger gardens with lots of trees.

Is the diameter and shape of the suction tube important?

The diameter of the suction pipe is an important utility indicator. Weaker blowers and vacuum mulchers use smaller diameter ones, so if you have a large or very polluted garden, it is worth choosing equipment with a large diameter hole. We also recommend avoiding the square shape of the suction tube as it is more prone to leaf clogging. The round shape of the suction tube, at least 15 cm wide, is efficient and reliable. 

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To what power should the vacuum mulcher capacity be set?

If your leaf blower has a power setting, the suction power should be set according to the type of surface to be vacuumed. It is recommended that the lawn be set to the highest power. A medium or low vacuuming force is recommended for flowers and flower beds. Otherwise, the machines often pull in soil, stones, or bark, which fills the basket unnecessarily quickly.

What specialty features and properties should I look for?

- Telescopic suction tube,

- Wheels for easy handling and manipulation (vacuum mulchers),

- Anti-vibration system,

- Rubberized handles for a better grip.

Is the maintenance of blowers and vacuum mulchers demanding?

The maintenance of electric blowers and vacuum mulchers is practically only regular cleaning after each use. For battery models, it is also necessary to top up the batteries. Gas machines are a bit more maintenance-intensive, but it's not something you can't do in-house at home. In addition to refilling gasoline (in two-stroke engines, a mixture of gasoline and 2T oil), it is necessary to check and refill the oil level in four-stroke engines and occasionally replace the spark plug or filters.

Does the weight of the blower matter?

Since the leaf blower vacuum mulcher are used regularly and take a long time to wear, the weight of the machine is an important factor. Compare the weight of each model and its fit in your hand. Shoulder straps or wheels make it easier to work with a heavier combustion blower or a leaf blower. 

What are the price differences between cheaper and more expensive brands?

The most important differences, in addition to performance and usability, are primarily the quality of the materials used and, thus, the device's durability. A perfect example is a fan. While cheaper blowers and vacuum mulchers have fan blades made of less durable plastic, for high-quality branded machines, the blades are made of specially hardened plastic. Such materials are more resistant to damage by stones, pieces of iron, etc., with which most blowers and vacuum mulchers sooner or later come into contact...

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