Navratri Quotes by Sony SAB artists

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Dev Joshi (Baalveer in Sony SAB’s Baalveer Returns)

Navratri is a very auspicious festival for us Gujaratis. I don’t think I will be able to go to my hometown, Ahmedabad, this year due to shoot schedule. However, I am glad that we are shooting a Navratri sequence for our show here in Mumbai. There is a lot of enthusiasm on the set of Baalveer Returns and everyone here is feeling the festive vibe. I am hoping to visit a lot of pandaals in Mumbai as well and although I am not a pro at playing garbaor Dandiya, I just love the colourful feel around this festival. I usually do garba in any family function that we have. The beauty of Navratri comes with the evergreen songs that are played during the celebration, however, my all-time favourite Navratri song is ‘Sanedo’.

Bhakti Rathod(Urmila in Sony SAB’s Bhakharwadi)-

Until last year, before getting married, I used to celebrate Navratri at my home in complete Gujarati traditional way by getting Garba (Matka) on the first day and immersing it in water on the 9th day. I remember the time when I used to bring a plain matka to paint it along with my mother and this activity would get us into the complete festive atmosphere. I personally prefer celebrating Navratri at home, praying, rather than going and dancing in pandaals. Although this is my first Navratri after marriage, I and my in laws are really excited to celebrate it in proper Gujarati cultural way.

Being a Gujarati, Dandiya is in my blood and I love dancing to the tunes of traditional Gujarati music. All Gujarati folk songs are my favourite but I especially love certain songs like ‘mor bane thangatkare’.

Siddharth Nigam (Aladdin in Sony SAB’s Aladdin- NaamTohSunaHoga)

Navratri is a beautiful festival where we worship Goddess Durga. During this auspicious festival, my mother religiously fasts for 9 days and we worship Goddess Durga by bringing her idol at our house. I enjoy this festival even more as I go to Navratri pandaals across Mumbai to play Garba. I have always wanted to wear the traditional Gujarati attire for Navratri but this time, I am surely looking forward to try wearing it.

Sharmilee Raj (Baal Pari in Sony SAB’s Baalveer Returns)-

Navratri is one of my favourite festivals as I love dancing and this festival is all about dancing and celebrating the victory of good over evil. Me being a Gujarati, I have always loved playing Garba and usually played it until 5 AM. At home, we have traditional celebration for 9 days where we get Garba (matka) and worship that, eventually immersing it in water on the 9th day. There is a completely different vibe during Navratri and seeing people in colorful Gujarati attire is really pleasing to the eyes. I love to dance on the traditional Garba music during Navratri and wearing Ghagra choli with beautiful ornaments.

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