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Many people are spending a lot of time on mobile phones. It may be your employees or even children. If your kids are fond of using smartphones, it would be good to monitor and control what they do with the gadgets. That way, it can be easy to protect them from cybercrimes brought by new technologies.

Even at your workplace, you can check what your employees are doing. That way, you can ensure they are useful and spend the work time as required. All you need is the one spy phone tracking app, and you will monitor everything remotely.  

Critical features of the one spy phone tracking app
1. Mail tracking services

You can use theonespy tracking app to get both outbound and inbound emails sent and received through Google mail applications. Theonespy has made it easy to track and read full texts exchanged via outlook mail and yahoo.

2. Instant messaging conversation monitoring

Almost everyone is using Viber, Skype, IMO, line, or hike. You only need theonespy tracking app to track messages and chats on those platforms.  

3. OneSpy can monitor all installed apps

Your kids or employees may be behaving app that you're not comfortable with. But that shouldn't worry you since you can use theonespy to know everything about those apps. It can give you data about the updated, removed, or stalled apps.

4. Whatsapp monitoring

Get theonespy tracking app, and you will monitor everything happening on Whatsapp of the person being spied on.

5. Facebook monitoring

Web and messenger tracking in theonespy enable you to check all messages sent through the messenger app or Facebook.

6. Automatic picture-taking via the front camera

With theonespy app, you can apply the remote command capturing to turn on the front camera and obtain instant photos of targeted persons.

7. Current activity phone monitoring

Through a single click, theonespy allows you to capture all the spied person's present activities.

8. GPS location tracking

Use theonespy and protect your loved ones by knowing their location at all times.

9. Call log monitoring

For all outgoing and incoming calls, theonespy tracking app gives you call duration, time, and date. You can even use the tracer to record calls from the cell phone of the targeted person.

10. Theonespy allows change of device

When using theonespy, you can get easily unstill and reinstall the spy software to another device.

11. Multimedia file tracking

Want to check all pictures taken and stored on your target's cell phone? Don't look for any other spy software! Go for theonespy tracking app, and you will never miss any chance to capture photos.

11. Surrounding noise recording

You may want to understand what is happening in the background of your target person. Theonespy software offers you a chance to record voices from the spied person's cellphone by turning on the microphone.

Merits of OneSpy app
  • You can use theonespy to take screenshots by turning on the front camera
  • The surrounding recording aspect of theonespy works smoothly.
  • Theonespy app has automated outgoing and incoming call recording.
Pricing of OneSpy 

The app has different pricing plans, and you can pick the one that suits you best. You can choose any of the following.

  • ultra-edition
  • premium 
  • Standard edition.
Customer care services

If you decide to pick theonespy tracking app, excellent customer care support services are among the great benefits you will enjoy. Their services are 27/7.


Get all in one mobile phone tracking services with the onespy software! It will help you monitor your children and employees. The app allows different pricing plans, and you are assured to subscribe to the one that will suit you.


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Published: 2020/12/22 - Updated: 2021/01/18
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