Pre Employment Clearance – Guidance for Applicants

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It is an irrefutable fact that recruiting the right person for a particular employment position is a difficult chore. Employers may want to ensure that you are able to fulfill the duties and responsibilities well. There are several factors that employers keep in mind while recruiting employees. The most important thing is medical fitness. Your employer might require you to submit the pre employment clearance for physical health. It is the legitimate way to determine that you are clinically fit to perform your duties appropriately. A medical checkup before getting into new employment is imperative since it will prepare you to pass through smoothly from the required pre-employment check.

What do you need to follow for medical evaluation for employment?

Well, it is mandatory to have medical screening before you get employed in a particular position. So, you need to consult with a trusted medical clinic to get the health checkup done. You will have to fill out the application along with the necessary details. You have to mention if there is a medical history of any disease or infections. You should also mention if you are currently suffering from a medical illness. It will let the medicinal professionals determine the lists of tests that are needed to complete your health check. Remember, having sound physical health is the first condition for clearance. So, it is not a matter of neglect. You must also require going through tests to check your mental health. These tests are imperative to take if you are going to serve with a childcare organization or government office.

What tests are included in the pre-employment medical evaluation?

It is undoubtedly true that every job has different medical requirements to fulfill. Therefore, the number of medical tests requirement mainly depend upon the employer’s need. You may have to take a test for measuring the cholesterol level if you have applied for an officer position. If you are going to be recruited as a commercial driver, then you have to go through a drug test. The main purpose of pre employment clearance is to determine that you are physically and mentally fit. So, you may have to undergo several tests. Some general tests that you have to go through are similar to the annual medical checkup.

Basic health observation

Check your heart rate, blood pressure, and respiratory health to ensure you are in sound health.

Neurological assessment

The medical professional will conduct a pupillary assessment to check your neurological health. It is vital to check diagnostic information about the nerves behind the eyes. The pupils of your eyes must be in similar shape, size, and response equal to the light.

Lungs functioning

Check your lungs to ensure their properly working, and confirm they are in healthy condition.

The Final Say

Conducting a medical checkup during pre employment clearance is imperative. It covers the major portion of the required employment process that is legal in the US. You can get it done by booking an appointment with a clinic today.

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