QNAP Livecast to Invite 2018 Fishackathon Taiwan Winning Team to share the experience in this compitition

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Most people imagine that the Internet of Things is mostly confined to smart homes. However, its wide range of applications can be extended to the marine and fish conservation. For instance, Fishackathon, which was initiated by the U.S. Department of State, is dedicated to solving marine resource problems with technology. At 3pm on March 28, nearly one hour of live broadcasts by QNAP invited Lai Chien-Hung, who was the winners of Fishackathon, to share his experience in this competition.

Before the competition, the organizer will list the major water resources issues that have been encountered. Because of the wastewater discharged from farms and electroplating plants, the improvement of rivers is becoming increasingly serious. How to establish an immediate freshwater monitoring and notification system has become an urgent issue. This made Lai decide to use this as the title of the contest, and starting to think about solutions. Finally, He pondered ways to detect the water quality of rivers in a simpler, more immediate way.

The chemical detection method was selected to first place the reagent in the tube and use the robot arm to obtain the sample water and inject it into the tube. The chemical dose will produce a color change, and then use the sensor and the wireless network to return the color change data. “Although this method can be tested on the spot with reagents, advanced qualitative and quantitative analysis, testing of BOD, analysis of algae, etc., or the need to obtain sample water to make water quality measurements more accurate,” added Lai. He then thought on the basis of physics that the submarine that can control the influx of water into and out of water is best used as a vehicle for water intake. The championship work of the participating submarine, the “Hatch of the Submarine”, arised in his mind.


“Submarine Hook Kiss” is named after the characteristics of the squid’s swimming. The fuselage is equipped with a sensor that can collect information on turbidity, temperature, oxygen, and water pressure. Submarines launched from the upper reaches of the river can be used to collect data and do sampling of water quality, and then use Sigfox to return data to cloud storage analysis to centrally monitor and prevent the illegal discharge of sewage. After the submarine sails to the sea, it can be recycled back to the base through automatic navigation.

Lai also specifically stated the benefits of using QBoat Sunny and Sigfox. QBoat Sunny has its own NAS function and supports the operating system and software. Although the size is larger than some control versions, it has strong functionality. Sigfox is in line with IEEE 802.11ah Internet of Things transmission specifications, low power consumption, measured transmission up to 10km, and is the most suitable wireless communication transmission option.

Friends who are interested in more detailed event content can watch the live content in the following link!

More information : 

QNAP IoT blog : https://qiot.qnap.com/blog/en

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Published: 2019/07/23 - Updated: 2020/01/23
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