QNAP NAS helps Artisantech deploy IoT applications for its client to optimize energy monitoring and management

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Artisantech was established in 2004 and focuses on integrating different systems. It provides solutions (for industrial control, environmental control, smart homes, and more) using analog circuit design and development of single-chip and embedded platform applications, thereby helping clients develop their own embedded control devices, including IoT, M2M, and Wireless Sensing Network (WSN) products and solutions.

Artisantech was commissioned by the New Taipei City Department of Education to upgrade the energy monitoring and management system in its education center, and to introduce a new server. The original system runs on a PC-based server. The machine has been worn out from prolonged usage, and, existing storage devices are no longer serviceable and must be replaced. Besides, the education center also planned to set up an integrated management platform that facilitates real-time monitoring of various types of energy equipment (such as water meters, electricity meters, and solar panels).

Artisantech used a QNAP TVS-471 as a new server in its system. It features QNAP’s proprietary IoT private cloud development kit – QIoT Suite Lite – for building IoT apps, as well as monitoring and managing various energy devices. The TVS-471 is powered by an Intel® Haswell processor, and supports SATA 6Gb/s drives and 10GbE networks. This enables the smooth operation of resource-demanding tasks and applications, thereby making it a powerful, highly-reliable, and scalable NAS solution.

The TVS-471 supports QIoT Suite Lite, and allows flexible use of device gateways, rules engines and dashboard tools to deploy IoT services. QIoT Suite Lite supports multiple communication protocols (such as MQTT, HTTP, and CoAP), and is integrated with IoT sensors, which transmit data generated by various energy devices in the education center to the device gateway. This data is then interpreted and processed through the Node-RED rules engine. Finally the analysis results and the status of each energy device are presented in image form in a data dashboard to facilitate real-time monitoring and management by center staff.

According to Mr. Lu Yunwen, a senior project manager at Artisantech, “The client found the QNAP IoT private cloud platform solution highly satisfactory, as they are now able to make use of and manage their energy devices with greater efficiency. Not only are they able to perform real-time monitoring, this data can also be incorporated into their presentation of the facility to the visitors, making the presentation more interesting and educational.”

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Published: 2019/07/23 - Updated: 2020/05/28
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