Several Features of Liquid Mass Flow Controllers

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The liquid flow meter can be harshly divided into two kinds: volumetric flow and mass flow. Volumetric flow analysis is affected by ambient temperature and pressure. The pressure and temperature conditions require pressure states to see the proper flow, providing more accurate and stable flow analysis and control. A mass flow controller controls the flow rate according to a set flow rate sent as an electric signal without being affected by restraints or variations in gas pressure. 

Working Principle

  1. The gas, which enters from the gulf, first breaks to flow past the sensor or bypass.
  2. At the sensor, the mass flow speed is recognized as an equivalent change in temperature and transformed by the bridge circuits to an electrical sign.
  3. This signal moves through the addition and correction circuits and outputs a linear voltage between 0 to 5V. At the very time, it is also sent to the corresponding control loops.
  4. The comparison control circuit relates the flow rate setting sign and the actual flow setting signal from the sensor and gives a different sign to the valve driving course.

Features of Digital Mass Flow Controller

The Digital Mass Flow Controller is depicted in the diagram above.

These mass flow controllers have a flow speed analysis division that holds a sensor, bypass, flow rate control device, and special systems. A CPU is part of the system, which makes it both multi-functional and highly effective.

The units emphasize a loop circuit, so even if there is a trivial pressure change or ambient temperature change that could alter the supply pressure of the introduced gas, the flow rate is promptly corrected, which assures constant flow rate control.

Structure or Working law

The LV-F range of mass flow controllers is the same as the LF-F series of mass flow meters but also has a piezo actuator device and an inner comparison control circuit. They relate the flow rate setting sign and the flow rate product signal to control the valve opening to suit the two signals. Since they use a backup control system, there are no flow rate differences due to external aspects, and, therefore, firm, perfect control is possible. A piezo actuator device is durable and does not produce heat, as the control valve makes these units ideal for liquid flow meters of fluids with low boiling cases.

Gas and Liquid Blend Means

This is the vaporization process used in the MI or MV series. Since the pressure on the transport gas is more prominent at the front of the nose inside the injector, it can be heated efficiently. The liquid reservoir and the heated carrier gas are combined in the gas or fluid mixing space in the front of the outlet, and the pressure is decreased as they move through the nozzle, evaporating the mixture. Vaporization ability is higher than with conventional vaporization means. More notable flows can be generated when this method is used, and the generation temperature can be decreased.


Therefore, these are some of the features of the flow controller and its working principle. These liquid flow meters give precise data and signals. At Proteus, there are varieties of flow meters and sensors built up with high accuracy and good quality products.  


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