The Best Option for Choosing the Right Flow Meter

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Flow meters hold the amount of liquid flowing through a pipe, vital for most industrial methods.
As is mostly the case, there are different analysis technologies available. To pick the apt technology, it is essential to know the kind of liquid you will hold in the flow of fluid or gas, clean or loaded, and the temperature and pressure forms of the method.
This purchasing guide does not deal with flow indicators, which do not hold the flow rate value but show whether the liquid moves within a circle.

How to select a flow meter?

There are certain distinct technologies used for flowmeters that exploit different physical aspects. Most technologies can hold a volumetric flow rate the amount of liquid flowing through a pipe for a specified term. Still, some technologies can hold a mass flow rate, the mass of fluid passing into a pipe for a certain period. You can measure the volumetric flow rate from the mass flow rate, respectively, when the traits of the liquid-like mass, etc., are known. Still, it is better to ask yourself from the outset what data concerning the flow will be needed and pick the relevant technologies.

Why pick a venturi flow meter?

Venturi flow meters are used to estimate the volumetric flow rate of an orderly or loaded fluid or gaseous means. This kind of flowmeter holds the pressure difference formed by the passage of the liquid through a venturi. This variation is equal to the flow rate of the liquid.

Why select a gear flow meter?

Gear flow meters are used to hold the volumetric flow rate of liquid media. In these flow meters, water flows between two elliptical gears. Since the mass circulating with the turn of each gear is fixed, all you have to do is count the number of turns per unit of time to discover the volumetric flow rate. Thanks to their sturdy structure, gear flow meters are especially fit for highly thick liquid.

Why pick an electromagnetic flow meter?

Electromagnetic flow meters regulate the flow rate of electrically conductive fluids, even those highly filled or caustic. The conductive media runs by a magnetic field. A voltage equivalent to the flow rate is produced in an electrode as the media moves through, measuring the flow rate precisely. These flow meters are especially defiant and will let you obtain analyses in complex conditions.

Why choose a turbine flow meter?

Turbine flow meters are utilized to measure the flow speed of gases and fluids. A turbine is placed in the flow axis, the turbine is turned under the effect of the fluid’s flow, and its rotation velocity is equal to the speed of the liquid.
This technology works very well for high flow volumes, but the turbine turns too gradually to receive an actual analysis for lower flow masses.


Therefore, these are the reasons for choosing the flow meters and how to make the selection. These flow meters are very useful in every aspect. But it is crucial to make the correct choice. At proteus, you will get the most reliable flow meters. These flow meters gives the precise measurement and are highly secured. For more details, contact us. 

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