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For the friend who is off jet setting, living his or her best life, exploring different cultures and worlds, we’ve compiled a list of the perfect gifts you can get him or her for their next adventure. 

There are several things to keep in mind for travelers. Weight, practicality, and items that add to their experience without jeopardizing distracting from it, such as when the focus becomes the photo and not being present in the moment. 

Practical Stuff:

  • Some simple forms of documentation for the reflective traveler include items like a sturdy, sleek notebook

  • A good travel purse or backpack with a charger that is lightweight and durable is essential for the many trips on planes, trains, automobiles and by foot that your traveler may go through. Here are several anti-theft options. 


  • Ideas of travel destinations can come from many forms but if your gift recipient is stuck trying to figure out the big question of “what’s next?”, inspire them with these bucket list books

  • Get your traveler a miniature version of a cool travel destination like these Nanoblocks of the Sagrada Familia, or Kyoto

  • World travelers love reminders of the world. Get them some inspirational living room art of the world

  • How about a world map scratcher so they can keep track of all the countries they will go to in their lifetime?

Camera Gear:

  • For anyone who dabbles in photography and wants quality photos, the Olympus OMD EM-10 is an amazing camera we loved while traveling. It’s lightweight compared to all other DLSR cameras and small enough to tuck away into a backpack. Pair it with a good 25mm Zuiko portrait lens, a custom protective shell, and your traveler will be equipped with a vintage style high quality camera for their trip.  

  • Or for the Instagrammer, if an iPhone and filters are all your traveling friend prefers for convenience, pair them with a set of iPhone lenses including wide angle, fish eye and more. This one ups the iPhone camera alone and is easy to snap on. 

Make the long flight bearable:

  • Is your travel friend stuck heading across the country? They probably have some long flight times. Treat them to a handful of cocktails with these clever cocktail kits!

Need more ideas for a Road Tripper? Take a look at our Road Tripper gift list here.

1. Destinations Of A Lifetime Book

NatGeo takes you on a photographic tour of the world’s most spectacular destinations, inspiring tangible ideas for your next trip. Travel to hundreds of the most breathtaking locales—both natural and man-made—illustrated with vivid images taken by the organization’s world-class photographers. Buy from

2. Travel Anywhere Book

The travel editors at Fathom have spent years gathering a treasure trove of recommendations and stories from a network of interesting people who travel well (chefs, novelists, designers, innkeepers, musicians) in places both well-known and off the beaten path. Buy from

3. Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Bluetooth 5.0 and HD rendering technology that earphone pairing speed and data transfer has a qualitative leap, allowing you to listen to music without missing any music symbols, plus the latest upgraded speakers which have 3D stereo and subwoofer. Buy from

4. Waterproof Smartphone Case

Certificated IPX8 waterproof design, keeps your phone safe, intact and dry under extreme conditions. Buy from

5. iPhone Camera Lens Attachment

Barrel Distortion – Cheap wide-angle lenses will distort your photos, giving a warped, fisheye appearance; straight lines appear curved And Vignetting – Poor quality construction and design of cheap wide-angle lenses result in unwanted darkening of corners in photos. Buy from

6. Smartphone Lens Set

Premium-grade aluminum frames not cheap plastic and premium optical glass to enhance durability and clarity. They are multi-element, multi-coated glass lenses that minimize reflections, ghosting, lens flare, and other artifacts. Buy from

7. Phone Tripod

An added adapter accessory that allows placing your cellphone in both vertical and horizontal way, Full metal connector (not plastic) to reinforce legs durability. A ball head to support all smartphones regardless of its weight. Buy from

8. Anti Theft Travel Purse

The small Crossbody bag gives you plenty of room for storing your items in an organized way. It is stylish and functional. The slash-resistant adjustable strap allows the bag to fit snuggly against your body. It has a front zip pocket and a rear slash pocket with a snap closure to access your frequently used items quickly. Buy from

9. Anti Theft Travel Backpack

The women’s backpack is great for work, life, travel, college. It is stylish and roomy enough for various ages. Fully display your fashion sense and elegant temperament with this backpack. We use a double zipper anti-theft design. The Back Zipper Accesses to the main compartments ensure your belongings safely. And the Double Zipper Design is convenient to open in two directions. Buy from

10. Universal Power Adapter

5 in 1 Travel Power Adapter, 4 Micro USB port + 1 Universal AC Socket, enough to simultaneously charge 5 devices. No matter what your needs and wherever you are, your device will never be without power and stay working anytime! Buy from

11. Compass Necklace

EFYTAL is an intimate line of Sterling Silver jewelry that speaks in quiet ways to celebrate, encourage, show love, and inspire. Buy from

12. Olympus Camera Case

MegaGear is a company born out of love for consumer electronics. We design and manufacture accessories for cameras, smartphones, tablets, and other handheld and portable devices. Just like the care, you show for your loved ones, we are committed to protecting your equipment with a sense of style. Buy from

For a complete gifts list and more inspiration, head over to this article by

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