Things To Know About Noise-Resistant Doors, Windows And Louvres

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Noise pollution is among the leading most problems in big cities. With the increase in urban life and the consequent increase of personal and public vehicles, it is getting more challenging day by day to keep the urban chaos under control. The short life of metropolitan cities exerts heavy work pressure on its dwellers, which have mostly migrated from rural areas searching for better job opportunities. And this working lot has to manage to do their work amidst this mayhem. Even the residential apartments are built in a congested enclosure, providing a medium for the noise to travel faster. Hence, noised resistant doors, windows, and Louvres have come to their relief.

Acoustic Louvres

Acoustic Louvres are conventionally used for restricting the entry of noise nuisance in ‘ventilations’, ‘heating and air conditioning applications’ installed in ‘plant rooms’ and ‘acoustic enclosures’.

There are two types of Acoustic Louvres, namely –

'Acoustic Louvre Doors' – Their depth measurement ranges between 150mm to 300mm. They are mainly installed in plant rooms. They have intensive hinges on both sides, come with 'lockable hardware' and have a frame in a box's shape.

Acoustic Louvre screens – They successfully navigating the direction of the noise to some alternative path. Thus, they effectively bring down the ‘noise level’.


They have various benefits, and some of them are listed below –

Apart from bringing down the noise level, they avail better ventilation and provide security from the external elements.

Since they stabilise the noise level, they are suitable for workplaces with a peaceful ambience to work in. A relaxed ambience helps increase focus and work efficiency. It also prevents the staff from getting infected by any hearing disability.

They are available in various materials like – anodised (specifically aluminium) or polyester powder, ‘galvanised sheet steel’, aluminium and plastisol. Thus, one can choose from so many options of materials to suit visual appeal and individual preference.

Acoustic windows

Alike acoustic louvres, acoustic windows also function similarly. Their benefits are mentioned below-

They ensure peaceful sleep – Sleep is the essential thing required for the body's better functioning. Therefore an average duration of sleep, devoid of any noise interruptions, is always recommended by doctors. And acoustic windows serve the exact purpose. Since a single pane window can effectively resist the noise, acoustic windows should be relied on. They offer various layers that the noise has to penetrate through to be able to enter the room.

Best choice for people who work from home – To work from home in peace, one has to make sure all sorts of distractions have been cut down. And this type of windows helps dismiss the disruptive distractions caused by the neighbouring residents. Thus, one gets to be destruction-free while working from home.

Noise deduction up to '50 per cent'–They are mostly installed at houses and office towers on busy roads and airports. They resist 50 % of the total noise from entering the surrounding area.

Acoustic doors

Acoustic doors are noise resistant doors mostly beneficial for workplaces. Their benefits are listed below:

Prevents the leakage of internal sound and the intrusion of external noise –Many times, companies conduct confidential meetings. Thus, to ensure that no such important detail has surpassed the conference hall walls, these types of doors are installed in offices. Also, the essential meetings occasionally require swift flow that should not be disrupted at any cost. In such situations, acoustic doors do precisely what they are required to do.

They help secure privacy–While being surrounded by acoustic doors, absolute privacy of the work can be ensured. Therefore, it is suitable for 'healthcare facilities', 'executive offices', 'human resource offices' or even a high-tech business. They are also available in clear glass forms, making them appear clear externally while keeping the conversations private.

Available in two types depending on the standards – They are of two types as per standards – First is the ‘high-performance version’ that has a noise reduction value of 44dB’ and the second one is ‘medium-performance version’ that ‘has a noise reduction value of 34dB’.

They can be modified – Acoustic doors can be modified according to space and material ranging from aluminium to visible glass to wood.

Thus, to cope with the health-risking noise pollutants, one should install all acoustic doors, windows, and Louvres. Going through their images on the internet before purchasing them is recommendable. That will give a rough idea about how their appearance and prevent one from any confusion. Also, various acoustic door and window installing companies are available online to compare them with the others for better judgement.

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Published: 2021/04/25 - Updated: 2021/04/25
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