Things you should consider before going for Beard Transplant

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Gone are the days when being clean-shaven was like wearing the good-boy looks. Beards and stubbles have yelled back into fashion now and have redefined manhood—one of the crucial reasons why the lack of facial hair transplant in men is a concern.

Beard Transplantation And Its Importance

Beard transplant, over time, has earned its proper place among cosmetic methods meant for men. The fact that men have started to take grooming sincerely has led to this procedure's rising point.

The things to be considered while beard transplantation are: 

  • How Will be the hair grow?

As is the state with a usual hair transplant method, beard transplant also receives hair from a donor area, which could be from your scalp. This does not mean the rooted hair on the beard will rise like on your scalp. It will instead begin like normal facial hair, with the same form and features. Surgeons will also guarantee the transplanted hair matches in color to that of your real beard hair.

  • Will There Be Any Side Effects?

People often worry about the potential impacts of a system like a hair transplant or beard transplant. Apart from one avoiding a single day of work and move around light amounts of pain and a little swelling in the healed area, there are no other impacts known after a beard transplant method. The only other disadvantage is the waiting period to gain full outcomes of the process, which might take lots of time.

  •  When Can You Expect Full Recovery?

It takes about 3-5 months or even longer in several cases to gain the beard transplant procedure's complete results. As part of the healing period, patients must not do anything unusual because there are no noticeable impacts felt after the method. On the other hand, people will see a fall out of the transplanted hair, but there is nothing to worry about as this is inexpensive, the same as in the regular hair transplant procedure. This is because the new hair must fall out before reaching its final stage, so don't be scared if such a thing occurs.

  • Will You Have A Permanent Beard?

Beard transplant are methods that offer a sturdy solution to beard hair growth difficulties. The spots loaded with the grafts and the thickness obtained due to the technique will lastingly fixture your face. This won't be changed when the patient shaves or trims their beard after finishing the procedure's full effects.


The effects of facial hair transplant is incredible. Men are happy because the method does not make the beard any unnatural or fake appearance by any means. After the process, men have full beards. As an outcome, this has been capable of resolving their difficulties with irregular, blank spots or any problems that have led them to lose beard hair.


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Published: 2021/01/21 - Updated: 2021/01/25
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