Tips on Replacing Your Garage Doors

Peter Cole
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Garage door replacement is expensive. It can be a bit overwhelming to try to piece it all together
yourself. This is especially true if you're just replacing a sectional garage door or rolling up a
roller shutter. We put together this article to help you budget for garage door replacement.

Double garage doors are by far the most expensive garage door replacement item on the
market. They're also some of the most difficult to install. Full installs typically run around $ 600. If
you use your original opener or tracks, you may save money. The following graph breaks down
the individual costs of each item so you can have an idea of how much you'll spend.

Wood is the most expensive, but we've found vinyl and metal doors to be as good as wood at
a low cost. Keep in mind that vinyl and metal are not as weather-resistant as wood, so a few years
down the road you may have to replace them. For the price, you pay for garage door replacement
DIY kits are your best option. Kits come with everything you need to replace your current doors,
plus instructions for a do-it-yourself installation.

When choosing garage door replacement DIY kits, price is important, but not the only factor to
consider. Quality and durability are paramount, especially if you have children or pets. Look for a
home improvement store that carries brands such as Maytag, Amana, and Buying top quality
products is easy enough with the internet. Many companies offer free lifetime warranties on their
products, so you can be sure that you won't be out burdened by any of the parts.

When researching online make sure the online company you choose offers a money-back
guarantee. Most kits will come with everything you need, but you may have to buy other things
depending on the size and type of garage door replacement you need. These kits should include
the hardware you need to install the doors, the screws and some kind of video or manual for
easy step-by-step installation. Other parts and materials may also be included in your kit, and
again you want to ensure that these are of high quality and will hold up over the long run.

If you're replacing your doors yourself, you'll want to know exactly how much the project will cost
you. Be sure you get a written estimate from the DIY garage door replacement company before
you pay them anything. You want to know the total cost from start to finish, including any extra
costs because you don't want to have to spend more than you intended. Also, be sure that the
company you choose is reputable. You don't want to be setting up a new business and finding
out it was done improperly.

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