Tips to Keep Your Diamond Sparkling Like New

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Diamond is one of the hardest substances on earth. Do you feel that your diamond lost its original sparkling? Then it would be best if you took the time to read this article and give it a good cleaning. Diamond and the company will assist you on such issues. Regular cleaning may cause your dull away and shine. Here, we show you tips to keep your diamond sparkling to look shiny and new.

Keep your diamond jewelry in a padded box

If you store a diamond in a rough container, it may get scratched. Keeping in a container of sharp jewelry pieces is not recommended. Therefore, it is essential to keep each piece separately in its padded box to protect your time.

Clean your diamond regularly

If you want to keep your diamond looking new and beautiful, soak it in a gentle degreasing solution such as water with few drops of mild dishes. You can use toothpaste to remove dirty remains. When you scrub the jewelry with a soft brush, it will make your diamond look new and attractive.

When scrubbing with a brush, make it light to avoid such scratches. It makes it shine, and anyone can admire it.

Make your cleaning solution

You can use a deep diamond in a solution of water made of ammonia and water for about 30 minutes before removing it. You will require rinsing well and placing it in a soft cotton cloth. Make sure your jewelry is dry completely before you store it away.

Before the shower, take off your diamond ring

Water has chlorine and is not safe for the stone. Therefore, you can remove the piece to make your diamond sparkling with the jewelry. When you have a wedding ring, make sure you remove it to last longer and look new daily.

Keep away from sweat

Jewelry repair during other activities makes it look beautiful as you compare it to other means. You need to avoid wearing jewelry during sweating when you are exercising, which causes you to sweat. Sweating is not suitable for the diamond, and it can make it lose its color. The discoloration of the sodium from jewelry sodium causes dullness for diamond jewelry.

Use ultrasonic cleaner

The use of ultrasonic is essential to remove dirt from the diamond. The use of ultrasonic causes vibrating fluid to remove dirt from your diamond. It has been treated with fracture filling.


The jewelry repair is essential for your diamond if you need to look new and attractive. I hope this article helps you to get what you need. It gets your diamond sparkling to appear unique. Those are some of the tips you need to use when making a diamond to maintain its color.

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