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Every successful financial advisor or firm relies on technology. Beautifully engineered tools that enrich client relationship, automate workflow, and improve team collaboration, among a few other things. Here are the ones that wealth managers should consider investing in.


A must-have CRM for financial advisors, Junxure allows companies to streamline their processes, keep track of their clients’ information, and scale their business. Trusted by over 1,400 firms, Junxure provides top-notch customer support, 360-degree view of your client, and powerful integrations with top tech providers. Junxure has a centralized data where important client financial information and demographic are captured in one place. Junxure has fully customizable workflow automations that allow users to save time and money, as well as customized search functions that provides basic and advanced search criteria.


Meetings are an important part of a financial advisor’s life, but scheduling them shouldn’t take forever. Bookeo takes care of all your appointment needs, from initial meetings to follow ups. It also handles venue reservations and gathering of clients’ contact information.


Older and younger financial advisors alike should understand the importance of a strong social media presence to boost their career. However, it could take a huge chunk of your time managing every social media account manually. With Hootsuite, all your accounts are aggregated in one place, allowing you to respond to inquiries, monitor comments, and schedule posts from a single location.

Paladin Research and Registry

Paladin is a sort of watchdog organization that monitors advisors and rates them according to educational background, experience, and other criteria. It has a pretty tough screening process and advisors should strive making it to their registry in order to be deemed credible by consumers looking for financial advice.


A password manager tool, LastPass generates login details for every site you sign up for, ensuring that all your passwords are unique. Because of how easy the program is to use, you won’t be tempted to use the same passwords over and over again. LastPass also notifies you whenever two sites have identical passwords and can be set to automatically replace your existing ones after a period of timefor stronger security.

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Published: 2020/11/26 - Updated: 2020/11/30
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