What all you need to know about the paddlewheel flow meter?

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It would help if you got it right when it comes to the monitoring flow rate of a fluid. Have you bought or sought to buy a paddlewheel flow meter? It will give you accurate results for the monitored fluid. The flowing fluid exhibits some force that spins the paddlewheel. That way, you can find the flow rate of the liquid you are monitoring with ease based on the number of revolutions.

A magnet is fixed within the rotation axis. Another one is embedded on the edge of the paddle. That makes it easy to extract the pulses' in the form of signals. The signals then change the number of revolutions into a flow rate.

A paddlewheel flow meter will function best if you are using it to monitor a clean fluid flow rate. If your fluid contains particles, it may affect how the paddlewheel spins. With a paddlewheel flow meter, you will get a faster response time. Besides, it is a device that you can maintain with ease.

Components of a paddlewheel flow meter and how they function
  • Pipe fitting

You will get them in various functional flow ranges. That ensures any of them that you get can fit the needs of your application.

  • Paddlewheel sensor

It's designed in a way that you can fit it within the pipe fitting. The sensor is made of a paddlewheel fitted with magnets. It also has an electronic sensor. Part of the paddle is extended towards the flow stream. The fluid that flows via the pipe makes the paddlewheel spin. Magnets fitted in the paddle also spins past the sensor. That leads to the formation of electrical pulses relative to the rate of your fluid flow.

  • Controller or flow display

This will pick up the signals from the sensor. The flow display will then change those signals into the total value or an actual flow rate. It displays the costs so that you can read and get the monitored fluid flow rate.

The processed signals can open the valves. They can even close it. If need be, they can stop the pump from working any further if your preset rate is reached. The signal will show whether the flow rate is high or low since they can produce alarms within the flow system. 

Pros of paddlewheel flow meter 
  • It's responsive and offers excellent constant results on repeated times
  • A paddlewheel flow meter is a simple structure device
  • Its price is highly affordable
  • The paddlewheel is compact and will help you carry out large capacity flow measurements.
Cons of using the paddlewheel flow meter
  • It is very sensitive to foreign objects. They may cause clogging, which affects the proper working of the flow meter.
  • The paddlewheel flow meter has mobile parts that spin at a very high rate. So, the quality of wear is also a bit high. That is why you will have to incur maintenance costs. You will have to replace the paddlewheel often.

The paddlewheel flow meter can offer you accurate flow rate results. Ensure the fluid you monitor is clean. You should take care of your device since foreign particles can cause clogging. The price of a paddlewheel flow meter is also affordable.

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Published: 2020/10/13 - Updated: 2020/10/23
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