What is a Webbook?

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What's the deal with webbooks? How do they stack up compared with ebooks. For readers? For authors?

The Webbook Story

A webbook is a website that acts like a book. You read them on your computer, tablet or phone. That makes them convenient.

Webbooks feel familiar to readers. They have a cover, table of contents, sections and chapters. They’re like a book in a browser.

But webbooks do much more. Webbooks can include images, media clips and interactive content for a richer reading experience. With reviews, comments, and sharing, webbooks are squarely rooted in community.

How are Webbooks Different from Ebooks?

For readers, webbooks are as convenient as a favorite website. They’re always to hand, as close as your phone. There’s nothing to download and no need for a special reader. Pictures look great. Readers can leave comments and share on social media. Webbooks are easy to Google.

For authors, webbooks are like publishing directly to readers. They’re live as soon as you click publish. Update webbooks anytime to revise or add new material. Change the cover or add a new chapter. Edits are live instantly.

Webbooks are remarkably versatile. They’re perfect for all kinds of books:
  • Serial novels
  • Newsletters
  • Teaching/learning materials
  • Fiction or nonfiction
  • Poetry
  • Self-help
  • Textbooks
  • Cookbooks
  • How-to manuals
  • Graphic novels
  • Memoirs
  • Works in progress
  • Experimental writing

Advancing the Art

Webbooks are still quite new. They’re still evolving. WriterShelf is adding unique enhancements to make webbooks even more engaging.

Up to now, most webbooks have necessarily been free. No more.

WriterShelf lets you sell your webbooks to create new revenue streams.

Customize the reading experience by choosing parts of books that are free and those readers must pay to read. That makes it possible to go way past blurbs to hook readers.

WriterShelf allows premium content for followers or closed groups for a powerful way to reward readers and build community.

WriterShelf lets authors create collections of webbooks. Author homepages let readers discover multiple webbooks along with supporting material for a more complete experience.

WriterShelf makes creating webbooks simple with a streamlined workflow and modern tool set. Everything authors need to publish webbooks is in one place with no coding required and no worries about back-end hosting.

Do webbooks figure in the future of online publishing? You bet. Webbooks are disruptive.

Connectivity is bringing authors and readers closer than ever. Webbooks give authors myriad new opportunities to take advantage of a changing publishing landscape.

Join WriterShelf and give yourself power of webbooks.

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Published: 2020/07/09 - Updated: 2020/07/11
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