What Is Page Experience? When Will The Page Experience For Desktop Versions Roll Out?

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For a long time, we have been hearing that Google will roll out the desktop version for the page experience very soon. Now the news is spreading that google will update and implement its page experience for desktop version in the March Month.

People are getting perplexed about this concept, so we thought of bringing an all-inclusive article that will contain the whole of the user-required information in this article. 

What is Page Experience? 

An interaction with a web page is measured by Page Experience that users have beyond its primary information value. Core web vitals are also included, which help measure the loading performance, interactivity, & visual stability. Various search signals are also included in it; 

  • HTTP

  • Mobile Friendliness 

  • Intrusive Interstitial Guidelines 

When Did The Page Experience For Mobile Devices Come To Effect? 

The page experience can be measured through two main factors: 

  • Desktop 

  • Mobile 

The page experience that determines mobile-friendliness came into effect in August 2021. Now people are super curious to know 'When would the Page Experience Update for Desktop Versions come into force?'

As declared in the information mentioned above, the page experience will roll out in March 2022.

What If My Page Experience Is Subpar? 

I know that the page experience is essential, but google does not take this particular factor into account to rank the pages. It takes the overall performance of the page. 

For example, if your page does not have the best information but has an excellent page experience, google will not consider making it rank higher. On the other hand, if the content published on your page is good and the page experience is subpar, google will rank your webpage. 

Please Note: 

Google does not choose the page experience over page content. 

What Are The Constituents Of The Excellent Page Experience? 

Here we have mentioned some of the tools that can help you to measure & monitor the core web vitals. 

  • Page Experience Signals

LCP (Largest Contentful Paint)

It measures loading performance. If you want to provide a good user experience to your visitors, your LCP must occur within the first 2.5 seconds.

FID (First Input Delay)

It measures interactivity. If you want your user experience to be high, your FID must be less than 100 milliseconds. 

CLS (Cumulative Layout Shift)

It measures visual stability. If you intend to provide a good user experience, your CLS score should be less than 0.1 seconds. 

  • Mobile-Friendly

Nowadays, every website should have a mobile version and a desktop version. Since there are two versions through which the users can interact. So there have to be two separate metrics for determining the page experience for mobile and desktop. 

  • HTTP 

Such kinds of pages are served on HTTP. You need to check if your site's connection is secure or not.

  • Non-Intrusive Interstitial 

By intrusive interstitial, we mean to make content accessible to the user.

How Can You Optimize Your Page Experience? 

You can optimize your page experience with the help of the following: 

First of all, you have to gather the required information about different tools which can help you to measure & report core web vitals. These tools allow you to know the status of LCP, FID & CLS. 

Then the other thing which you need to do is to check whether your page is mobile-friendly or not. 

You have to check whether your site's connection is secure or not. If you notice that your page is not served on HTTPS, then you must gain the required information and find the easiest possible way to make your site safe and secure as soon as possible. 

What do you know about the page experience update for desktop?

Google has made it clear that the page experience update for the desktop version will contain all those metrics included to judge the page experience for mobile versions. 

Apart from that, Google has given a direction to our expectations: 

You Will Not See Any Drastic Changes

Google has made us clear that the new update will not call for drastic & giant changes. This update will only highlight the pages with a great user experience. It is not a particular factor that will serve as the running determining factor. 

Why Is It Essential To Update Your Site According To The Page Experience? 

Though page experience particularly does not affect the rankings at google, There are other factors as well which are equally important. But having a good page experience increases your chances of staying at the top and being shown to potential users. When your website's online presence grows, then your sales will increase. 

Final Comments!

Google loves those who update its sites according to the algorithms introduced by google lately. However, it is always the site owner's choice to decide whether you want to update your site or not. 

Do you remember the 'Shining Student' of your class who used to be the teacher's favorite?

Do you know why it was the teacher's favorite? 

It is because "That particular student was good in all the subjects and the extracurricular activities".

Now substitute Google for that teacher. Just like that teacher of our school times that used to give the special treatment and love to its favorite students. In the same way, Google has likings for some websites, and it only ranks such websites higher. 

If you want your websites to follow all the guidelines of google and stay updated with its latest algorithms, you must count on Kinex Media to get the best services like Web Design Toronto

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