What You Need to Know About Sports Bras?

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A sports bra can be found in the wardrobe of any fitness-obsessed woman. It is designed to provide maximum support to the breasts and prevent sagging and injury when performing any rigorous exercise.

Not only this, sports bras also come in handy when you participate in any playful sports activity. You can find different styles and types of sports bras, so it is best to have one in your wardrobe.

So if you want to know and are interested in getting detailed information on sports bras, then this blog is for you.

What Different Levels of Impact Do Sports Bras Have?

The sports bra's main function is to give the wearer the best possible support and protection. Low, medium, and high levels of support are available in sports bras. So you can choose one based on the level of exercise you intend to carry out.

High Impact: This type of sports bra is ideal for activities like running, aerobics, racquetball, and dancing.

Medium Impact: This type of sports bra is designed to be used in activities like brisk walking, cycling, and hiking.

Low Impact: If you are into yoga, pilates, and stretching, which are less vigorous activities, then this sports bra is for you.

But you know what else? There are different types available in sports bras as well as per the type and level of physical activity.

What Are the Different Types of Sports Bras Available?

Below is the list of different types of sports bras available that I am going to briefly discuss.

Compression sports bra

Particularly for women with small breasts, this sports bra is designed. It holds the chest in place when performing activities. You just pull them over your head. For medium-intensity activities, this bra is perfect.

Encapsulated sports bra

This type of sports bra is intended to support large breasts and keep them intact while reducing strain during high-intensity workout sessions. It separates your breasts and holds them in one place.

Combination sports bra

If you are looking for 100% support and proper compression, then this is for you. It is best for all breast sizes and gives them the proper shape and definition.

Criss-cross back sports bras

The bra has back straps in a criss-cross style. They offer more solid support. When paired with deep back tanks, these look fantastic. They are stylish and have a terrific appearance.

Raceback sports bras

The most common type of sports bra is this one. When the shoulder straps converge between the shoulder blades, they take the shape of a Y. Racerback bras offer superb support for vigorous exercise.

Pullover Sports Bras

These sports bras are essentially tank tops with an elasticized bottom that finishes below the breasts, and they are highly popular among teenagers. These are perfect for stretching or other low-impact exercises like yoga. Large breasted women shouldn't wear them because they aren't very supportive.

Back clasp bras

This design is comparable to everyday bras. There are hooks and adjustable straps at the back. There are also cushioned and underwire versions of them.

Why Is Selecting The Right Sports Bra Fit Important?

Have you ever wondered why getting the right size sports bra that fits perfectly is important? A perfectly fitted sports bra protects you from suffering soreness, chafing, pain, and soft tissue damage. It can even cause a lot of discomfort, which lowers the efficiency level of the workout.

But now you will be wondering how to know which size is right for you, and this is something I am going to explain next.

Perfect fit: A sports bra needs to fit tighter than a regular bra, but it should not cause breathing problems. The best way to know if it is right is if you are able to put two fingers between your shoulders and the straps.

No wrinkles: A sports bra cup fabric needs to be smooth. If there are wrinkles in the cup, then it is an indication that it is too big. If it is overflowing out, on the other hand, it is too little.

There should be no gaps: Any underwire should not dig into or pinch your breast tissue; instead, it should lie flat against the rib cage underneath it.

Adjust the straps: Put your hands in the air above your head. Even if it's possible that the straps or the back closure need adjusting, the band riding up is typically a clue that something is too big.

Move around: Before you buy a bra, jump and swing your arms around. If you have pain or discomfort, switch to a different sports bra.


I hope this blog proves useful and you have an idea of which sports bra in Pakistan to buy that is right for you.

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