Which metal should I set for the wedding ring?

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The search for a wedding ring starts with a stone and the design. The metal is usually the last thing to consider. But how do you settle for metal when there's a debate between white gold vs platinum?

There are several factors you should check if you need a wedding ring. Here are the properties of each metal that can help you settle for one.


Gold is more expensive than platinum in the precious metals market. However, the case is different when you need jewelry. It's because many golds in the jewelry industry are alloys.

First, you need to mix gold with palladium or silver to get white gold. The other metal has a lower value, thus, lowering the cost of gold. The price is lower in lower Carat white gold. On the other hand, platinum makes jewelry in its pure form. Thus, it retains the value of its precious metal. That's why you will find platinum jewelry is more expensive when compared to white gold jewelry. 


The density of a metal determines how heavy it is. Thus, if you need a light wedding ring, you should go for the less dense metal. In this case, the white gold is less dense. Also, a heavier metal gives you a substantial feel. That's why many male rings are made of platinum. Ladies prefer white gold since it is light and comfortable.

Also, the density determines the metal's resistance to scratches. Thus, platinum is more resistant as compared to white gold. 

Hypoallergenic Properties

A wedding ring is a lifelong accessory. Thus, it would help if you had a metal that'll not harm your skin. If you are not allergic to metals, you have no problem wearing any of the two metals. If otherwise, you will need to don platinum which possesses hypoallergenic properties. 

Long Term Care

White gold vs platinum has different care requirements. The coating in white gold wears off after some time. Thus, you will need several trips to the jeweler for re-plating. If you want to evade the numerous trips, then you should settle for platinum.

On the other hand, platinum is a soft metal. A small force makes a dent on the surface, creating a patina finish. You can wear your ring like a vintage piece. However, you can take it to the jeweler for polishing. Both metals are rust and corrosion-resistant. 


Both white gold and platinum look the same when new. However, the difference is noticeable in older rings. If you worry about the color of the ring, then you can take platinum.

The roughness of the surface is another thing you should consider. You can't notice this when the rings are new since they are polished. However, an old platinum ring has a rough surface. If you love smooth jewelry, then white gold is the metal for you. 

Final Word 

The white gold vs platinum debate is still on. You choose your metal according to your needs. Both metals are classy and durable. 

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