Working in a detailed of Water Flow Switch

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Flow switches are of different types. To order or install, always understand which one you want. Always be specific about which type you exactly want. Flow switches should always be sorted out for them to function.

Water flow switches are among the many available flow switches. For its proper functioning, a paddle has to be used. This will allow the liquid to pass because the flow switch will be wired to the channel directly.

The flow switch works so that the paddle will show the flowing rate to the transducer. The information will, therefore, be transformed into a signal by the transmitter. Water flow switches are of different types.

Different Types of Flow Switches

The flow consists of different varieties. The following list consists of the ones that are used often.

1. Flow switches used for sprinklers

These water flow switches are the ones that are most often used in fire sprinklers. They play the main role in detecting the water flow rate that passes through the pipework. If, in any case, the flow rate has been exceeded, the flow switch will indicate.

The flow switch will send a signal to the fire department. This is to inform you that they should come and investigate. Due to how they are designed, most flow switches will send signals if there is an emergency. Signals will only be sent if the flow has been detected continuously.

The sprinklers take time to send signals to not send wrong detections. Some harmless pressure can cause false detections.

2. Water Pumps Flow Switches

This flow switch adjusts the electrical pump's working speed, which is attached to the water system. The water pump flow switch sends the signals to the pump when it senses the movements by gravity. It also sends the signal when it detects the flowing rate of water.

In this case, the water pressure will be lowered or raised. The water pump flow switch will also prevent the pumps from drying up since this is damaging.

3. Inline Water Flow Switches

This one installed in the flow switch works as a part of the system. But if you want to complement, it brings in the paddle in the process but from outside. Installing and maintaining the inline water switch is expensive. They are also costly, but when installed, they work properly.

4. Paddle Water Flow Switches

These will only work if the paddle is hanged in the pipe in the direction in which the water or other liquids flows. This flow switch will be turned on by the different rates at which the water is flowing. The signals then will be automatically converted. And you will be able to read and see the action.

These water flow switches are the best inaccurate measurement of flow rates. They are also very sensitive and need constant maintenance due to wearing and tearing.


As stated earlier, different water flow switches work differently. So it is very important to use them where needed. This will enable them to perform what they are intended to do properly. All the above water flow switches perform differently. Since water flow switches are very important, you should always make sure that the measurements are accurate.

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