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Vasilis Milionis is a Greek entrepreneur and businessman. His passions are currently investing in the luxury tourism sector and property. He currently encourages people to be wise in addressing the issues affecting the market nowadays. Governments...

Kaminea blog aims to provide quality sustainability knowledge to the reader. The blog also receives a guest post article about sustainability, climate change, eco-lifestyle, and more. For more information, please visit

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Life doesn’t come with a specific guidebook; we all feel like we are stumbling along our way at times through the trail of life without a map, flashlight or even a compass.


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“The underage politician & The digital tool.” is the latest book of Thiess Matt-Eron, a science fiction author. This 251 pages ebook is in the form of Kindle, and now is available to purchase at

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Elijah Akeem is a prolific music producer and upcoming rap artist who is based out of Cleveland, Ohio. Previously, he released his first single, Heatin’ Up, and found good responses from listeners. He plans to release a new album in July 2020.. Pl...


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Everyone is going crazy today looking at the prices of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. New crypto investors are being born every day and are making money exponentially.

Chashama supports artists by giving them space to create and present their work. Chashama was founded in 1995 in response to the lack of affordable space for emerging artists in NYC. Since then, Chashama has provided space to create and present fo...

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Arun Mathews is a Spiritual & Human Resources books author. He is currently working as HR Head for an educational tourism company called Crazy Holidays in Bangalore, India. He also stayed in Bangalore with his family. His interest in writing ...

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Pradeep Reddy Kamasani, Founder & CEO of HunterTech and Angel Investor in startups,early stage companies. He has helped many startups and small businesses in India and the USA to scale up since 2014. As an Angel Investor, he provides capital f...

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Ahmed Al Musawi is a multi-talented film and tv composer from Oman. He was born in Bahrain and grew up in Oman. He began his career as a guitarist and bassist in the 90s and then switched to the keyboards in 1997. He began his career as a music pr...


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MindEasy is a platform to start a journey into meditation. It's the best meditation platform on the internet. The free 7-day course provided is easy to follow meditation for beginners. Their personalized courses have helped thousands of people wor...

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We invite you to the Superbowl LIV Jersey Mixer & Comedy BASH. Bring your Passion to enhance your Purpose by representing your favorite team or organization during the Ultimate Superbowl LIV Jersey Mixer. Take Pleasure in the ambiance, cuisin...

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Legendary Artist CES and Emerging Sports Brand X2 disrupt Super Bowl LIV with Epic Mural

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FORE Institute (Foundations of Real Estate Institute) provides accelerated training for new and returning real estate agents that want to get it right the first time.
They help new real estate agents accelerate production and make money fast. FOR...

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Lincelli is a professional bedding supplier. Lincelli promotes the great Italian family value, where all family members are important, including their pets.

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Christine Reidhead is a CEO and Founder of AfrikRising, a non-profit charity organization focused on helping people in Africa. However, her project isn’t only limited to the Africa area. Christine serves the less fortunate that spans all across th...

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Elijah Liguè is a rapper and R&B musician from Indiana. He releases four original songs as the series of his music, entitled Twisted, We Can Rock the World, The Moment, and Facin Death. He also plays the piano and makes a lot of good music.


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Liam Manson is an author, entrepreneur, internet market and researcher. He had been struggling with his healthy lifestyle, losing weight and has a better health conditions. Because of that, he started to learn more about a healthy lifestyle, espec...

... is a greeting video company with members of professional video makers. Their service is funny and personalized puppet video greetings. They have been experienced making personalized video greeting for years.

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Yung Dom is an up and coming music artist who is all set to tease his new song. He is looking and hoping for a big release as he is optimistic that his song will be loved by people all over.


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Debbie LeSean is an author and certified Life Coach to Executive Women navigating life during or after divorce. Her clients affectionately call her Coach Debbie. She has a degree in Psychology and Counseling, with a concentration in executive lead...

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Socialwider is a new social network in Africa. It facilitates people in Africa, growing their social existence and advertise their business across the country.

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Anna Kimmerle has opened an art gallery in Berlin, Germany. Along with the opening of The AK Galerie, she also launched an online art store

The use of solar panels in the provision of electricity is increasingly gaining momentum in recent time with usage and power production capacity which far outweigh that of its hydro and biological source counterparts.

Jobisite is the place where job seekers can find their best jobs. It is also the place for companies to post their recruitments, whether recruitment with a closing date or not. Job seekers can also learn so many things about the way to be a profes...

Jobisite is a portal where people can find jobs in the USA and abroad. People can find a variety of jobs, including contract, H1b, part-time, full-time, and freelance jobs.

Jobisite is a job board platform that developed to connect job seekers and recruiters. As a leading job posting boards Canada, Jobisite strives to provide satisfaction to clients. This company provides free and paid job posting services in Canada....