15 Work at Home Jobs for Moms (and Dads)

Nina McPherson
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5 mins read

You can work from home while taking care of your family. Here are 30 remote jobs that will help you make a living online.

So the big question is - what work from home jobs can I take so that I can afford to stay at home with my baby?

Is it possible to start an online business and become successful?

Good thing a lot of information is easily accessible nowadays. Here are some of the work at home jobs we can choose from, fellow mommies!

1. Blogging

Blogging is one of the most sought after work at home option for moms. And why not? It lets you share your ideas, interests, and experience while earning passive income. You can earn money from ads from people reading your articles. You may also get to be tapped to feature something in your blog. The possibilities are limitless.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Are you one of those who like to recommend products and places to friends? are you eager to share what you have liked with others? If yes, well you can get paid by doing it.

Affiliate Marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people or a company’s products. You get to earn a piece of the profit for each sale that you make.

3. Freelance Writer

Is writing your thing? If yes, then you can earn a decent living as a writer. What is good about this is that you get to work completely around your own schedule. You do not need to have a degree or professional experience to do this- there are applications such as Grammarly that can help you and a lot of free online training on writing are available online.

4. Proofreader

Are you a grammar and spelling nazi? Do you have that eye for details? Do you love reading and do you easily catch errors when reading? If yes, you might have a successful career as a proofreader. This is a good work from home job because you get to work around your schedule as long as you meet your deadlines. How much can you earn? Many proofreaders earn between $1,000- $4, 000 per month.

5. Bookkeeper

One option for a work from home mom is bookkeeping. Bookkeepers record financial transactions for small business owners, either as a freelancer or by being a full-time remote employee. Worried since you are not an Accounting degree holder? Check out free classes on how to be an online bookkeeper on the internet.

6. Virtual Assistant

If you have a laptop, internet connection, and passion to help others succeed, then you may opt to be a virtual assistant. Services offered can be email management, social media manager, content creation, graphic design, and more. This is actually a good option for those who have a rich experience in the corporate world before deciding to work from home and be a SAHM.

7. Transcriber

If you have a computer, Microsoft Word, a headset, high- speed internet, and can type 65-words-per minute, you may start your work at home general transcription career! Actually, there are different types of transcriptionists- there are medical transcriptionists, legal transcriptionists, transcriptionists specializing in business, and general transcriptionists.

8. Online Selling

Have an eye for selecting items that will sell like pancakes? Do you have the skills to market your chosen products? if yes, then go for online selling.

There is also a method called Drop Shipping which you can consider in your online store. This is a method where you can sell third-party products from a Drop Shipping company. When you make a sale, the product is directly shipped to the buyer from the drop shipper.

9. Sell on Amazon (Fulfillment By Amazon program)

You can actually earn using your love for shopping and finding great deals. You can find great products in physical or online stores and resell in on Amazon. What makes the FBA program great is that they will ship your products to the customers and handle the customer service.

10. Teach English Online

Another work from option is to teach English to kids in China. The requirements vary- but some companies accept as long as you have a Bachelor’s degree and any teaching experience like tutoring, children’s church, etc. This is one work option for moms who loves kids!

11. Social Media Manager

Do not let your active status on social media be put to waste! You can earn while posting and replying to comments for other business or famous personalities. All you need is to be online most of the time, and you may even do it with either a laptop or a smartphone.

12. Graphic Artist

If you are creative and knowledgeable in Photoshop and other designing programs, you can be a freelance graphic artist or get employed in an online job doing this. There is a high demand for graphic artists to design professional things like marketing collaterals or even personal needs like wedding invitations or online store website design.

13. Make printables on Etsy

Have a nice passive income by making printables on Etsy. The best part of this is that you design a printable once and you get paid for it more than once!

14. Take Paid Online Surveys

Who knew answering surveys can get paid? Share your opinion to help brands improve their products and services better and get paid in the form of gift cards or Paypal. You may sign up in Survey Junkie, Swagbucks, and PrizeRebel. The more survey sites you sign for, the more chances of earning!

15. Get Paid to Test Websites and Apps

Companies need feedback on how their apps and websites work that they are even willing to pay to get it. This is a fast and easy way to earn online. Two of the reputable companies are User Testing and UserFeel.

You don't need to leave your home to make a living. You can set up your own home office and start earning from home while taking care of your family.

This article was originally published at mommysnook.com.

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