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7 Reasons to Publish Your Book on WriterShelf

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Self-publishing has taken big strides in recent years. The advent of ebooks and electronic marketplaces have given writers new cost-effective ways to bring their work to readers.

WriterShelf is taking the next step to give writers even more flexibility and control in how you publish.  WriterShelf makes publishing books very simple.

1. Publishing Books on WriterShelf is Free

If you’re looking for frictionless publishing, you’ve found it.  As a writer, you are in full control with none of the barriers associated with the traditional publishing model. No printing costs. No distribution costs. Publishing books on WriterShelf is entirely free.

Just as publishing individual articles on WriterShelf is free, so collecting groups of articles into a book is entirely free.
2. Publishing Books on WriterShelf is Simple

Create books directly from your Pen Name Page. All you need is a title. That means you can create your book at any point in your writing process. Books you're not yet ready to publish can stay hidden.

Add existing articles to your book or include them when you create new articles. Create sections and sub-sections. Re-order the contents of books using drag-and-drop.

When you're ready, add a cover image, description articles and publish your book to the world.

3. Sell Your Books!

WriterShelf lets you sell your books to turn your work into a revenue source. You control the parts that are free to read and those readers must purchase. You can even create a tip jar for books so people can contribute on a voluntary basis.

4. You'll Love the Options

With WriterShelf, you decide when you publish. You also decide what you publish.

That means you can start small and add to your book over time. Plug in new articles when they are ready. Update the structure or even change the title of your book.

Books on WriterShelf do away with the idea of editions. Books content is dynamic, perfect for serialized fiction, newsletters or collections.

The flexibility offered by dynamic content - the ability to update books on the fly - is especially helpful for new writers or experimental works.

Being web-based, WriterShelf lets you include rich media in your books. Add audio, video, imagery and links in your work.

5. Books are Community Builders

Authentic conversations have been a part of WriterShelf from the beginning. Books are no different. Readers can leave reviews and rate books with the chance for you and others to comment on those reviews. Book discussions can range over all the topics in your book.

Books concentrate your work, giving readers a place to find longer works or a complete body of articles on your topic - presented in an order you choose. 

6. WriterShelf Doesn't Make You (or Your Readers) Wait

Books you publish on WriterShelf are available to readers worldwide as soon as you press publish. That means you start building audience, awareness and opportunity from day one. 

Automatic notifications alert readers who follow your work when you publish new content.

New content you publish is immediately searchable - backed by advanced SEO built into the WriterShelf platform. Books are also discoverable in the WriterShelf Bookstore.

7. WriterShelf Gives You a Home for Your Identity as an Author

Every pen name on WriterShelf has a dedicated Pen Name Page to introduce the author and show works published under that name. That lets you communicate your brand as an writer and creates a destination to share on social media to give readers have a place to visit learn more.

Make books a part of the experience you offer your readers. WriterShelf makes it as easy as it gets.

Join WriterShelf today.



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Published: 2019/12/30 - Updated: 2020/03/19
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