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Answering WriterShelf Support Questions
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Approved Access is a flexible system able to serve many different types of writers.  This article is intended as a jumping off point for discussions of how it can help you. Wade right in and share how you might like to use tiered content to better develop your audience!


  • fiction
  • non-fiction
  • technical material

Books are an excellent way to tier your content and WriterShelf lets you segment book content any way you like. Intro materials for each chapter can be open with subsequent chapters Follow-to-Read. For technical material, exercises (or the answers) can be reserved for Approved Access.

Reserve contact with the author to Approved Access followers to hold your own AMA!

Using payment systems such as PayPal, you can arrange for payment for your work.


  • gardening
  • crafts
  • collecting

Follow-to-Read is very useful for hobbyist bloggers. Having folks follow ensures they get updates when you post new content. As your profile in your hobby increases, you can take followers to the next stage with Approved Access, for example people you meet at shows and events. 

Group Buying (團購)

  • food
  • appliances

Connecting people with quality, lesser-known products from reliable sources is a valuable service, one that lends itself well to a multi-tier communication model. The first step for someone to buy is to become a follower, then they can see all your current offers and see how to order.  Reserve Approved Access content for followers who make purchases for announcements about early-bird offers, to accept new product requests and provide post-purchase support.

Expert Advice

  • law / divorce / bankruptcy
  • medical / beauty
  • personal counseling

Multi-tier content can serve as an effective funnel when developing clients for professional services. Share basic info about your services and expertise in public articles. Give readers who connect with your service by following access to detailed info on services and how you can help. Approved Access materials can transition readers into clients who become customers of your business.  


  • writing
  • crafts
  • cooking

Professional, academic and personal enrichment instruction benefits from a tiered information strategy. Share class and teacher materials publicly to attract new students.  Follow-to-Read content can showcase teacher-produced content or content from students who have participated in the course to a wider audience. Closed group, Approved Access materials can serve as an area for discussions between students who have completed a course or are currently enrolled. Automatic notifications to Approved Access group members mean that students stay abreast of assignments and opportunities for further classes.


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Published: 2019/08/05 - Updated: 2020/05/28
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WriterShelf is a privacy-oriented writing platform. Unleash the power of your voice. It's free!
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