Cooling Water Flow Measurement for Flow Meter

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The cooling water flow meter is there to determine the cooling water flow rate. Cooling water flow meters are mostly used for water cooling towers, circulation systems, pipes, tanks, with pumpsCooling flow meter are suitable for industries like Power Plants and Pump Stations. Sino gives the right technologies to attain all these situations.

Placement turbine and insertion magnetic flowmeters are simple to install in new or previous systems. Clamp-on ultrasonic flow meters may be applied to some of the pipe diameters—no need to modify the pipeline. Vane-type flow meters, such as turbines, have good stability.

There are more factors to follow when choosing a measurement technology for cooling water. Depending on the need of your application, other meters may be better suited. Read on below to get all information.

Features of Cooling Water

Coldwater flows through production products that require cooling to make it cool. The cold water temperature rises—primarily used in heat exchange equipment like heat exchangers, condensers, and reactors.

Principle of Cooling water Flow Meter

The cooling water system is separated into a DC cooling water system and a circulating cooling water system. When the cold water is discharged after cooling down the production product. Then the cold water is used only once, which is known as the DC cooling water system. The warmed cold water is enabled to flow via the cooling equipment to slow down the temperature of the water and then pumped back to the production equipment for reuse. This is called a circulating cooling water system.

The size of cold water in the circulating cooling water system is majorly reduced, which can save more than 95%. Cooling water accounts for about 70% of industrial water usage. Therefore, the circulating cooling water system participates in keeping a large amount of industrial water.

Applications of Cooling Water Flow Meter

Cooling flow meters are most popularly used in cooling water towers. A cooling water tower is a device that is used to cool water. Water in the cooling water tower shares heat and mass with the flowing air to slow down the temperature of the water. Cooling towers are majorly used in air conditioning circulating water systems and industrial circulating water systems.

The cooling water tower makes the water to be cooled and sprayed down via the pipe at the top of the water tower. Also, there is a hairdryer on the water tower wall used to blow air in. There is a large exhaust fan at the top used to draw air out of the top of the tower. This is appropriate to airflow and accelerates the cooling of water.


Magnetic Flow Meters

Measurement is not affected by changes in fluid density, viscosity, temperature, pressure, and conductivity.

Turbine flow meters

Turbine flow meters are highly practical and offer the best, minimal flow meter maintenance needed.

Ultrasonic Flow Meters

Ultrasonic meters are better for liquid applications such as water, wastewater, Fuel, or any dirty liquid in the pipe.

Coriolis Mass Flowmeters 

Coriolis Liquid Mass Flow Meter is the mass flow meter used in liquid flow measurement. Such as cooling water and some fluid flow.


So if you have industries and you are looking for the best device for water cooling flow measurementFollow the selection guide above and know what is best for you: operational cost and maintenance.

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