Cute and Impressive Collection of Exotic Flowers

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For many years, flowers have been related to beauty, among other things. Nature laughs through lovely and colorful flowers. Flowers are known to express deep feelings and also work to relieve stress. Besides this, they can be a perfect gift which can bring a smile to many faces. There are two main classes you are likely to come across out there. They include native and exotic flowers. Native ones can only be grown only in a certain type of natural condition.

If you are looking for a cute and lovely collection of exotic flowers, here are some of those flowers that will not annoy you:


To start with, the tulip is a member of the lily family. The word 'tulip' comes from a Persian word- turban. If you check them keenly, they have the shape of a bulb. These flowers usually show endurance, prosperity, love, and royalty. In a flower basket setting or bouquets, you can trust that these flowers will win your heart.

Birds of Paradise

They have an original name, which is Strelitzia. It is a native of South Africa. Also, it is known as Crane Flower in South Africa. It is worth noting that this stunning and dreamy flower shows positive thoughts, glory, freedom, and royalty. If you are in search of an event gift, you can consider choosing this flower.


Chances are, you have heard about this flower in the past. It originally belongs to the Eastern Mediterranean, mainly from the south of Turkey to Palestine. The flower is related to truth. Unlike other flowers named above, you can find them in yellow, purple, red, and white. When it comes to mixed floral settings, this flower will not disappoint.

Calla Lily

Are you in search of a flower that mirrors faith and purity? Look no further as this flower meets these needs with great precision. Besides showing faith and purity, this flower shows liveliness, rebirth, and great beauty. You can use it to decorate your home during festive seasons. Being a native of South Africa, this flower will change your home's outlook during the holiday season.


The flower above has an origin in Europe and Asia. It is the European colonists who brought this flower to America. At present, this flower is all over North America. This exotic flower is known to have herbal qualities. If you are looking for a flower that will help relieve your stress and anxiety, this flower is the solution for you. Since it symbolizes innocence and memory of love, this kind of flower can be gifted in a flower basket to fresh graduates.


Exotic flowers have gained more favor over the years. If you are looking up to gift a friend or lift your home's beauty, the options named above will work well for you. Consider these exotic flowers today, and you will not be vexed.

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Published: 2020/12/21 - Updated: 2021/01/18
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