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All prices are in US dollars.

How are royalties calculated?

Your royalties are 72% of the sales price - or a minimum of $0.50. WriterShelf’s percentage is 28%. 

For example, for a book priced at $10.00, you receive $7.20. For books priced under $1.79, WriterShelf gets a flat fee of $0.50.

Books may be priced between $0.99 and $60.00.

You may change the sales price of books at any time.

The default price for all books is $0.00 - free. 

Can I offer discount coupons?

Yes. Discount codes set a dollar-amount discount on the sales price. 

Set up Discount codes when you publish your book. 

  • Code phrases must be 8-20 characters, may include spaces and are case sensitive.

  • Code value cannot reduce book price below the minimum price.

Coupon value and code phrase may be changed at any time.

Can I offer free copies?

Yes. Free codes allow buyers to purchase books for $0.0.

Set up Free codes when you publish your book.

Using a Free code skips the payment process and takes users directly to the invoice page.

The Free code phrase may be removed or changed at any time.

When are royalties posted to my account?

Royalties are posted to your account 7 days after purchases are complete. 

Is there a minimum before I can collect royalties?

Yes. You must have at least $100.00 in total royalties to request payment.

You can see the status of your royalties on your account Sales page. 

How do I request payment?

Use the Claim button on your Book Sales page. 

  • Submit a request for processing

  • Enter the PayPal account to pay

  • WriterShelf sends email to your WriterShelf account email with a unique code which you enter on the Claim form

Royalty payments from WriterShelf are processed individually and sent to your PayPal account.

    • 3-5 working days

Where can I find information on my book sales?

Sales and royalty info are on your account Book Sales page.

Do buyers need to have a WriterShelf account to purchase books?

Yes. Buyers must first create a WriterShelf account to purchase books.

WriterShelf users have a My Purchased Books page that lists books they have purchased.

Can I see the users who have purchased my book?

No. WriterShelf does not share any identifying info on people who purchase your books. 

In case of disputes, abuse, or legal requirement, WriterShelf reserves the right to adjust or withhold royalties.

WriterShelf may share book sales info to tax authorities when legally required.


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