Former Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne Captured in Photographs While Visiting Poor Indonesian Villages

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“Patrick Byrne spent his relaxing time in remote Island in Indonesia, and was visiting some villages. Junior Garcia has a chance to take his picture with locals.”

Patrick Byrne, former Overstock CEO was spending his day off in Indonesia. He visited one of the remote islands in this beautiful tropical archipelago. While enjoying the beauty of the island, his activity was taken by Junior Garcia from Thus, it created a good collection of a shot of him spending and communicating with the locals in that island.

The island isn’t only holding beautiful scenery. A village also can be found on the island. Byrne visited this village and meet with people and kids who live there. As it is shown in the photo, he interacts with many children from that village. This village can be categorized to be a poor village. Even though the condition is not that good, the village spends their days happily doing their everyday chores and profession.It was a rare opportunity for Byrne visiting the poor villages in remote Island of Indonesia. After Byrne resigned from his previous position as CEO, he has been traveling to many places in the world. Indonesia is the latest destination for his travel. Since then, it is difficult to meet and find Byrne. Therefore, what Junior Garcia did was amazing. He also has successfully captured one of the best moments of Byrne with locals.

“He is a millionaire guy using flip flops with poor people around smiling to him on a remote island in Indonesia” Junior Garcia stated to one of his photographs. is one of the most successful online retail stores. This store has been around for a long time, precisely since 1999 after Patrick M. Byrne bought it from Robert Brazell and change its name into the name of this company is using today. Since then, Byrne runs this company as the CEO. Then, in August this year, he resigned from his position as CEO. The website itself can be compared with in terms of achievement. Moreover, Overstock also one of the small numbers of online retail stores that accept Bitcoin as the payment method for a transaction there. In short, Byrne has built and developed one of the top online retailers. Now, he enjoys the result of having a Travel trip to many places.

About Peter Byrne

Peter Byrne is the former CEO of He resigned from this position this August. Now, he is traveling to many places, including Indonesia.

About Junior Garcia

Junior Garcia is a professional photographer who is currently living in Indonesia. He provides many kinds of photography services through his website, The service includes photographing and video recording for surfing, traveling and wedding, as well as using drones and doing water photography and video recording, plus video editing service.  


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Published: 2019/12/03 - Updated: 2020/02/10
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