National Police official Shevtsov uses a repressive apparatus against journalists, - Solonko

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Journalists who investigated and released information about SBI candidate Yevgeny Shevtsov have had serious problems that can be termed as revenge from the policeman.

Political analyst Oleksandr Solonko writes about it in his blog on the Ukrainian Truth website.

He claimed that the case involves project ACAB, which has repeatedly published data on law enforcement officials applying for positions in newly created law enforcement agencies. Shevtsov's revenge is now directed at the curator of this project, Denis Ivanov, who, with a group of colleagues, has investigated Shevtsov’s case, published photos of his estates and cars, and information about the business of his wife, Alena Degrik. In order to "get" Denis, law enforcement officers began persecuting his father - a famous professor, president of the Academy of Ukrainian Press Valery Ivanov.

In particular, the blogger reminded the readers that the bank accounts of the Ivanov family had been arrested, and that they were under psychological pressure and threatened. According to Solonko, law enforcement officers act according to the worst KGB traditions, using their capabilities and influence for personal revenge.

"A similar story once again demonstrates the true face of the new law enforcement agencies. However, the worst part is that such people as Shevtsov can, without any hindrance, destroy the lives and dignity of people by persecuting them and their relatives for the purpose of revenge by using the repressive apparatus of the National Police." said Solonko.

As reported, the Deputy Chief of the Investigative Directorate of the National Police Yevgeny Shevtsov and his wife Alena Degrik appear in a number of investigative reports. In particular, according to journalists of the project Our money with Denis Bigus, Shevtsov spouses appeared in criminal proceedings on suspicion of illegal money laundering and withdrawing funds in Russia. The Mind journalists found out that Alena Degrik and her payment system Leo are one of the stakeholders of the Tyme payment system that is banned by the SSU.  "1+1" journalists Oleksandr Dubinsky and his colleague Yevgeny Plinsky also conducted an investigation of the Alena Degrik’s business and found that she might be involved in the work of a payment system operating in the occupied territories of Donbass.

Shevtsov's last name also appeared in ACAB journalistic investigations. In particular, photos of his car, house and flat, which belong to Shevtsov and Degrik, were publishedin the Facebook group of the project.

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Published: 2019/08/27 - Updated: 2020/05/25
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