Natural cures or Medication - Which is better for Impotence?

Calm Denim Deer
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Erectile dysfunction can be a very stressful sexual health problem for any man who isn’t much aware of it. However, scientific research has come a long way, and the plethora of medications available have shown quite a lot of improvement.

Impotence or erectile dysfunction is the cessation of erection during sexual intercourse. Men often undergo instances where getting erected can be a near-impossible task, even with the most stimulating sexual touch. One time erection issues can be born out of stress in a relationship or at the workplace or a loss of concentration.

However, when the erection issue becomes the new normal in your relationship, you know that ED has hit you too. There are several ways to solve this health issue. From surgeries to natural cures and drugs, all the methods show great results.

Natural Cures For Erectile Dysfunction

There are several cures available in the market, and people seem to be getting a lot of benefit out of them. Their effectiveness seems to vary from person to person. But being cheap and readily available, these methods are much popular amongst a large population.

●     Exercising Regularly

People who engage themselves in regular cardio sessions and weight training have lower chances of getting erection issues. They also last much longer in bed.

●     Herbal Medications

Herbs like the Korean red ginseng are quite popular when it comes to treating erectile dysfunction. Ginger and beetroot are also much favored to treat erection issues.

●     Therapies

Several therapies can be taken to cure erection issues. Some of these can be taken along with your partner. Others can be taken alone if you are dealing with excessive stress. Talking to your partner regarding your struggles can also help to achieve great results.

●     Diet

A balanced diet can be great for improving your erection during sexual intercourse. Taking a lot of dairy products and protein-rich food can be excellent for your sexual health.

Natural cures are readily available, but there is no guarantee that they cannot lead to any side effects. One must always seek their doctor’s suggestion regarding sexual health.

Drugs, although chemically processed, can show good results if consumed on time. Make sure not to consume more than the prescribed quantity.

Facts About Erectile Dysfunction

The most common myth about erectile dysfunction is that it only targets people in the latter stages of their life. Some even believe that if you experience erection problems in your 30s, then old age has already hit you. As gross as it sounds, it’s entirely inaccurate.

Erectile dysfunction occurs when there is poor blood flow to the penile region. This could be a result of numerous activities. For instance, people these days are much more stressed in their 20s and 30s than in their 60s. As a result, almost 40% of men under 40 suffer from ED in the USA alone. Shocking, right!

Medications To Treat Erectile Dysfunction

Several options are available in the market that can help you achieve a much stronger and firm erection to get into sexual intercourse. For the sake of safety, the top 3 recommendations are generic ones that don’t pose any serious side effects. You can also get a prescription from your doctor before making the final purchase.

Cialis 60 mg (Generic Tadalafil)

Generic Cialis 60 mg is one of the most popular ED drugs currently sold in the market. This drug is also FDA approved, so there is an added safety cover. Tadalafil is sold under Cialis's brand name, and a single tablet can do wonders for you. Make sure to not consume more than one tablet 30 minutes before getting into any sexual activity.

The effects last for more than 30 hours so that you can enjoy a heated session with your partner, even in breaks. You might experience mild side effects like a heavy stomach or change in vision, which is normal. However, any heightened crisis calls for an immediate doctoral review.

Levitra 40mg (Generic Vardenafil)

Levitra 40 mg is a good option if you want to treat the ED without splurging a lot of money. This drug is relatively cheaper than most ED drugs available in the market. Also, the effects last for around 4-5 hours. Make sure to see the doctor if the effects exceed this time horizon.

If the 50s have hit your hard and ED is a result of the age factor, then Levitra can be a boon for you. One can consume these pills 1 hour before engaging in any sexual intercourse. There is no necessity of having a meal before consuming these tablets.

Fildena 100mg- Generic Sildenafil

Fildena 100 mg can be taken 1 hour before any sexual engagement. You can also take this in with alcohol. This is the reason why it is also called a party drug. It instantly enhances the blood flow to the penis by expanding the blood vessels, which helps you achieve a stiff erection without much stimulation.


Both naturals, as well as chemically processed drugs, have shown tremendous results over the past few years. Their results seem to vary on different people as a result of different genetics and hormonal changes. You can switch between alternatives to unravel what exactly works for you. Make sure to seek the doctor’s prescription before getting ahead with any option.

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