What is a Water Flow Switch, and How Does it Work

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If you want to know how the water flows switch works, you need to read it. Here we have included everything important for the water flow.  

What is a water flow switch?

This is the tool used to detect the movement of water in the pipe. Therefore, it is a mechanical, electrical fire alarm that is flowing in the sprinkle.

It is only used to detect the water movement and does not turn on or off the water. It simply sets your alarm off when the electrical switch.

When you want to detect water movement, the assembly has the paddle inside the pipe across. This paddle is in a position in which the water is pushed aside from the paddle. It will automatically allow a pair of switches to activate on the time delay.

Here are two switches available inside the set-off of the two-alarm system.

·         Outside the horn/strobe

·         Local fire alarm system

How water flow switch work

You can easily see the flow switch on the pump showing off and on. Therefore, most are used for protecting and cooling the circuit. The flow rate will work, whether it is high or low. When there is a fire, the local electrical alarm fire signal is activated to the device in the building.

Here is how the pressure washer flow switch works? As the water flows, it senses the flow switch, allowing the burner to come on, heating on the water. Therefore, water flow is activated when you pull the trigger of the gun. Once the trigger is released, immediately water is stopped. It also deactivated the water flow switch and turned the burner off. The process is easy to understand when using the switch.

How to switch on the shower pump

When your pump is fitted with a special negativity heat kit, you can operate by turning on the mixer. You can start the pump by switching the in on once. You will run normally and automatically switch off itself.

The reaction of the sprinkler system

Department of the fire considers the sprinkler as a greater indicator of the fire alarm system. In the fire alarm, the system is built with a water sprinkler activated with heat, but not a cooking smoker. If the heat sprinkles, it will activate the water flow switch. The building is used to prepare for the battle.

Delayed signal of a water flow switch

The water sprinkle is longer, and water moves in a little. The pip is expanded with water pressure compressing less of the pressure.

The pressure of water can increase with the move in the paddle water flow. These can set as false alarms automatically.

If you want to prevent those alarms from false, you need to turn to assemble as retard. The retard is known as an air damper that prevents the lever from your paddle to activate the switch. The delay can then be adjustable from 0 to 90 seconds.


If you want to know if a flow switch works, the above results can help you. When using the flow switch on the piper, those are some important things to master. I hope you are answered by reading this post.  

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Published: 2020/12/10 - Updated: 2020/12/11
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