What is the Working Process of Vortex Flow Meter and its Applications?

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A vortex flow meter is a volume flow meter that measures the volume flow of gas, steam, or even a liquid. The principle of operation determines the fluid flow velocity. The guide is known as the von karma effect. The extent to which the vortexes shed depends on the size and shape of the body. A fluid flowing with an absolute velocity and passing a fixed obstruction gives rise to vortices. The production of vortices is Karman's vortex street. The regulation states that swirling vertices' repeated action occurs when the flow passes by a bluff body.

Vortex flowmeter working principle


Most of the flow meters have obstacles called bluff bodies, found in front of the working sensors. Flows go through the pipes and cause the bluff bodies to create eddies within the vortex street. Masses and gases across many applications are diverse. In the vortex meter, an oscillation occurs when the fluid passes through the streamlined body. It causes the vortexes to shed and open in its sizes. The principle of vortex meter shedding calculates the velocity of liquids.

Vortex Flow Meter Applications

The vortex flowmeter has so many applications, from water to gas. The common usage of all is the steam flow measurement. The bluff bodies are to break off the flow to create eddies in volume flow meters. They measure a variety of complete fluid products. Most of them use accurate advanced mass rates. It is because the flow meters have improved features.

One main application of the vortex meters is the measurement of steam flow. They are preferred because they can tolerate high steam temperatures steam parameters depending on the burns' type and fumes' rates. Magnetic flows in the plant's power generation are not able to measure the boils. Vortex flow manages to weigh them due to their ranges. In some instances, velocity is low and is reduced by the cross-sectional areas.

The Vortex meter is cheap in usage. The primary function is to offer a wide range of heat supply within the industries. In terms of measurements, the systems are easy to maintain and low operation costs. The flow meters mostly deal with the gas rates in the industries. They weigh both the dry and wet gases.


The vortex flow meters are reliable. They ensure efficiency without the impulse line's usage. The use of flow meters has a wide flow range of turn down production. High turns in productions make them the most loyal to use and maintain.

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Published: 2021/01/14 - Updated: 2021/01/18
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