Why Is a Digital Lock Better than a Traditional Door Lock System?

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Locks are essential to keep your valuable possessions and property safe. However, the type of locks you choose depends entirely on your need and the level of security that you want. Many people are still using traditional locks nowadays because they are not quite familiar with the new technology or are reluctant to leave their old ways. Traditional locks need a key to access them, and although they are widely used, they are not quite safe. Your security and that of your property should not be compromised; therefore, you should keep enhancing it to stay safe. Compared to traditional locks, digital locks are much more advanced and offer more benefits. Digital locks are different from traditional locks because they don’t require a physical key to be accessed; instead, all you have to do is enter a passcode. Here is a list of factors that clearly state how digital locks are much better than traditional ones. 

1- Better Personal Security 

When you have passcode-based digital door locks, you can easily change the password whenever you want. This is something you cannot do with traditional locks as you will have to use a similar key all the time. This is one of the reasons that digital locks are great and much better than traditional ones because you can change the passcode whenever you want. 

2- No Need of Multiple Keys 

You do not have to worry about losing the keys when you have digital locks. In the case of traditional locks, when different people have to access the same door lock, they keep multiple keys. However, with a digital lock, you don’t have to call a locksmith to make duplicate keys for you. If you want others to access your lock, just tell them the passcode. The best thing about these locks is that you can change the passcode anytime if you don’t want anyone else to have access.

3- More Dependable

Digital door locks are more reliable than traditional door locks. There is no physical key to lose if you have a digital lock. Therefore, these locks are more dependable. On the other hand, conventional locks face wear and tear more often and need replacement. 

4- Increased Accessibility without Compromising Security 

House keys are frequently misplaced, which results in a very frustrating and troublesome situation. If you are tired of carrying a key with you all the time, consider a digital lock. Digital locks are more advanced than traditional ones, making them more effective. There are some types of digital locks in which you can open the lock with your smartphone using Bluetooth technology. You can also give access codes to your children to control access. 

5- Simplify Home Security 

Smart keys allow you to grant access to multiple people and track who enters and leaves your house. By downloading certain applications compatible with your digital locks, you can monitor and control the locks of your home. Moreover, with the help of these applications, you can open the door of your house for the guests. This is something that's not possible with traditional locks. 

6- Versatility 

The Smart lock market is growing very fast, and technologies used in digital locks are constantly advancing. In terms of versatility, Smart locks have outperformed their competition easily. The device can be controlled by a phone or another smart device. Some Smart locks have a fingerprint scanner inside. Some also have a touch sensor that opens or closes the door. Some smart locks can also be connected to other smart devices. When it comes to traditional locks, they do not have such characteristics. Different brand options are available in the market, but the products are almost the same. Traditional locks give control to the one who has the key. You can have a high-security lock installed, but the risk of key theft is still there.  

7- Wide Variety of Designs

Whether you want a unique and modern design or a simple one, it won’t be a problem since there is a wide variety of digital lock designs to choose from. You can choose a model that looks like a traditional bolt or something that matches your style. However, traditional locks don’t have a huge variety of designs, and you will find the same old versions in the market every time.

8- No Need to Keep Spare Keys 

Some people keep spare keys somewhere safe outside the house to use them when they misplace the original ones. With digital locks, you don’t have to do such a thing. Because of digital locks, you can throw away your keys and move to smart keyless locks. 

So if you are using traditional locks, upgrade them to digital ones and gain entry to your house by simply entering the passcode. 

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