Things To Consider Before You Hire A Tutor For Your Child

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Tutoring is a growing business, with people spending hundreds of billions of dollars. But is it worth it? And how do you choose among all the options?

If you're considering hiring a home tutor, here are five tips to keep in mind.

I make these recommendations as a former high school math teacher, a current doctoral student in math education, and an experienced tutor in math, science, and humanities or Fsc Pre Medical subjects for students from elementary school through college. 


1 Identify your goal

Are you trying to pass an exam or a course? Or are you actually trying to learn something? If you are just trying to pass an exam or course or achieve some other short-term result and be done with it, that is a performance goal. However, if you want to actually understand an idea and be able to apply it to other situations, that is a learning goal. Although parents can have both performance and learning goals for their children, in general, learning should take precedence over performance. Learning will lead to better performance, but it will happen at its own pace.

2. Look closely at the tutor's actions.

Good tutoring is not just about the tutor teaching the student. For tutoring to be effective, students should be actively involved in the process and not just sit there silently while the tutor talks. The way a tutor interacts with a student is an important factor for parents to consider. Monkey Business  Here is things to look for when a tutor is working with a student:

When the student does something right, does the tutor always say "Good!" and move on? Or does the tutor sometimes ask follow-up questions to check for thinking? It is better if there are follow-up questions because sometimes students draw conclusions that contribute to answers being correct on the current task type, but then cause errors on the next task types.

3. Do not forget about free options

Before parents go directly to paid tutoring services, it would be beneficial to explore free options. Free options include tutoring by teachers, peer tutoring programs at school, professional tutoring by outside companies paid by the school to come after school or on weekends, and tutoring programs at city libraries and community centers. Paid options include one-on-one tutoring, small group tutoring, and online tutoring. These options are offered by tutoring companies, which hire many tutors, as well as individuals such as students and teachers.

4. Doing things at home by yourself

If your child is struggling with reading, read to your child, with your child, and in front of your child. This is true whether you have young children or older children. Let them see you read books, magazines, and online. Encourage a love of reading and a sense that reading is a regular activity in your home. At an intermediate level like FSc Pre Medical subjects are very tough at this situation students have to help by themselves in studies.

If your child has difficulty with English or writing, you can help them by using a variety of words when you talk to them, including words they don't know yet. If parents are not good at English, they can still teach their children to speak, read, and write in their native language, and they can always transfer those skills to English with the help of their teachers. Research shows that children benefit from learning to read and write first in the language in which they think. So hiring Home Tuition in Lahore Cantt can be beneficial if you follow these steps. 

One of the reasons why research on tutoring varies widely is because student characteristics vary. For example, some students try harder or are more motivated than others. External factors such as teaching and life situations also play a role. Tutoring can only do so much.

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Published: 2021/03/22 - Updated: 2021/05/07
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