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On Golden State
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Image: Golden State of Mind 

Of the three trending story lines in the Warriors playoff narrative, the fact that the team's history at Oracle (aka the Oakland–Alameda County Coliseum Arena) is coming to a close is the most neglected.  Most attention is going to the possible departure of Kevin Durant and the re-emergence of Steph Curry as the team's most iconic player.

Fundamental to the issue is that the Dubs are successful and defeat Toronto to win their third consecutive championship. As a Warriors fan, I'm going to lean that way.

Much has been made about the pitfalls to the team, to Durant and to Curry in the way events may play out. My take is that things can all work out by winning at Oracle in front of the home crowd.

Making NBA history as the last act in the Warriors traditional home with Kevin Durant as a successful contributor to that crowning achievement can meet the needs of all concerned. Everyone can move forward satisfied.

Warriors in 4

It is possible that the Warriors win in a sweep. Since the Raptors have home court, the series starts in Toronto and Kevin Durant does not play in Games 1 or 2. He may not even travel with the team to Toronto.

Two Warriors road wins would mean Steph's record-setting playoff performances since KD's injury in the Houston series continues. The pre-Durant offense continues to fire on all cylinders in true Strength in Numbers fashion. 

That would bring the teams to Oakland where KD rejoins the team to add his additional layer to both sides of the ball. The Warriors win both games. KD and Steph share the glory as the Warriors lift the trophy.

Steph wins series MVP. Kevin Durant is hailed as core to the Warriors success.

Warriors in 6

A more likely scenario is that the Warriors take one game in Toronto can come to Oakland with the series tied. KD would not join the team for games 3 and 4, which the Warriors would win on their home court in Steph-centric fashion. Returning to Toronto, the Raptors win Game 5 to bring the series back to Oakland for Game 6.

Durant joins the team for Game 6 and releases an epic performance. The NBA universe is left with no doubt about the basketball genius of Kevin Durant.

Dub nation celebrates the successful end to a history-making season. Steph wins MVP. The team is ready to move forward to the next era.

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Neither of these scenarios guarantees that Kevin Durant chooses to return to the Warriors for next year. But both let everyone concerned - the franchise, Steph, Kevin, Klay, Draymond, Andre and whole of the squad, but most importantly the Warriors faithful at Oracle, bring this year to a close with the success they deserve. Each can take pride in the accomplishment and how they did it together.

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Published: 2019/05/29 - Updated: 2020/05/28
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